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  1. 406 ELT requirments for Mexico

    BBP Alert: 406 issue comes to a head In the second advisory within 24 hours, the BBP has been informed that a 406 ELT will be required on all aircraft flying in Mexico. There is zero tolerance with no warnings being issued. Additional information has been provided the BBP that as of end of day, June 30, any aircraft in Mexico that does not have a 406 ELT will be grounded. As incorrectly reported earlier, there will be no warning. Mexico states that they have given the flying community over 15 years of extensions to allow time for all to add the required ELT and June 30, 2018 is the final deadline. There will be no more extensions. We are trying to find out more information regarding aircraft in Mexico past that date that do not have the required ELT. As soon as the dust settles on this one, we will do another alert. I repeat, do not take your aircraft to Mexico after June 30 if you do not have a 406 installed. And you might be making plans to move your aircraft out of Mexico if it is there without one…. More to come as we get additional information. jack@bbp
  2. UAvionix install

    Starting the install of a uAvionix Echo Esx transponder this week. Looks like I will be gaining a couple pounds of useful load and ADS-B out! Win win!
  3. UAvionix install

    Here is the updated Echo Esx available soon. Combined the Echo transponder and dual band ADSB receiver. https://www.uavionix.com/products/echoesx/
  4. Tucson - San Francisco trip

    Awesome, glad you had a great trip!
  5. Stick chatter

    Yes, pulling the breaker will disable servos and control head.
  6. Stick chatter

    I have had students press the AP button on the control stick accidentally while trying to make a radio call instead of the push to talk, this button turns the AP on as well as off.
  7. Anyone using the echoUAT - ADSB?

    There is a CTSW at my field so I will see if I can use it for a ground test.
  8. Anyone using the echoUAT - ADSB?

    I put the GPS antenna external, left inboard wing root. Same location as the Skyview gps installs on late model CTLS. The Echo UAT antenna needs some distance from the transponder antenna so under the belly below the ELT mount area is a good location using a similar ground plane as the transponder antenna.
  9. Anyone using the echoUAT - ADSB?

    Hi Ed, I have not tried the unit on a CTSW yet, and perhaps it will work. I'm not sure if the CTSW wingtip is carbon or fiberglass, the CTLS is definitely carbon.
  10. Anyone using the echoUAT - ADSB?

    Yes, the Sky Beacon uses the existing wire harness and is a super easy install. It is a great all in one unit. Unfortunately I was unable to consistently receive Satellite signals against the carbon wingtip of the CTLS. We have not given up on this type of unit and continue to work with uAvionix to improve reception, but no solid solution yet. So as of now I would have to recommend the Echo UAT for the CTSW and CTLS.
  11. Anyone using the echoUAT - ADSB?

    It is out only.
  12. Anyone using the echoUAT - ADSB?

    I have the Echo esx transponder with Skyfyx installed. Have also used the Skybeacon version though the CTLS wingtip proved problomatic for reception. The echo UAT with a Skyfyx gps is a great unit, small package, easy install and a good fit for the CT if you don't require 1090es.
  13. Rotax Power

    Had the same issue with my 2009 one time after Cheryl complained of poor climb performance and lower cruise RPM. Carb heat rtn spring had broke on back of airbox so carb heat was on with control fully in.
  14. Low Cost ADS/B solutions

    I have tested the Echo Esx, Sky Beacon and SkyFYX but not yet installed the Echo Uat. The Dynon dual band ADSB receiver is built by Uavionix and is the receive half of the Echo Uat so plenty of installs on those.
  15. Low Cost ADS/B solutions

    No control panel needed for the Echo UAT with SkyFYX. Setup is performed via wifi app on your phone, after that it just does its job
  16. Walt got a great airplane Adam! Thanks for the hospitality and looking forward to seeing what you fill the hanger with next . If it's a Cirrus, let us know, Cheryl and I are both Cirrus Instructors!
  17. Andy Loves UAVionix

    The Echo UAT with SkyFYX is a great way to go, thus far the reception of the Skybeacon on the CTLS wingtip has been problematic based on my testing.
  18. Help with Landings

    The CT is very "clean" airplane with the nose down so its very easy to get to fast on final if you are high. Even 30-35 flaps don't yield a high rate of descent just slower speed and steeper pitch down attitude allowing more time to descend to the runway. With 15 flaps, approach at 60KIAS and try to cross the numbers at 55KIAS for decreased floating. With 30-35 flap approach 50-54KIAS crossing the numbers at 50KIAS and not less than 48KIAS. The key to landing the CT well is being on speed and be patient in the flare, it has lots of stabilator authority and can remain aloft inches above the runway for quite some time in ground effect. If you are patient you should achieve a nose up attitude similar to a 0 flap climb at Vy, when touching down. The rapid slope in the cowling will give you the illusion that the nose is higher than it really is so just be patient and keep adding back stick in small increments til you get that nose high attitude. Many worry about scraping the tail but its not likely during landing unless your doing 0 flap with some power added.
  19. UAvionix install

    Hi Dave, uAvionix is working on some "new features" on the Echo ES, should have some info to release soon
  20. Received and installed the production Skybeacon. Working on the appropriate spacing from our carbon wingtip and GPS sensitivity to ensure consistent reception. More to report soon
  21. Playing in the wind

    Had to take Cheryl to Tucson early this morning and caught a great tailwind on the way home. Why not play around and see how slow I could cross the ground I couldn't catch the gps right at 0.0 but did manage to fly backwards at about 8kts and got to 1.9 kts groundspeed 😁
  22. Parachute Recommendation

    Cirrus has a minimum chute altitude of 500-600' agl depending on the model. We teach 500' agl min for the CT for lack of a published value and given Cirrus has a lot of test and actual data to back up that number.
  23. Production uAvionix Skybeacon UAT transmitter

    Going well, the satellite reception is much better now. Should be flight testing next week and will see how the ADS-B performance reports go. The Skybeacon is only a UAT transmitter so is the "out" only. They are working an "in" version that will replace the other nav light.
  24. Production uAvionix Skybeacon UAT transmitter

    I think we have found a spacing and reciever sensitivity that will provide some decent results. Flight testing soon 😊
  25. Special Day

    Cheryl and I have been teaching our sons to fly over the years. Our oldest passed his Private pilot checkride today! Proud parents! His brother will be old enough to solo this summer so he won't be to far behind