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  1. Pleas HELP.I have the same problem only my plane bogged also at criuse 5400revs and had to go full throttle to clear it .. problem..bogging when fast full throttle applied also slight bog down low. I flew anyway and after 15 mins in cruise she bogged and I had to apply full power to get back home..I have tried everything :- replaced carbie(bing 54) replaced fuel system,replaced exhaust,replaced complete engine,replaced gear box and prop,replaced engine mounts,removed all wiring,put a seperate fuel tank gravity fed into carb Still No change, just packed whole plane plus all x3 447's and drove 11 hours to specialist and still no change? maybe they just run shit?at 2500revs its rough and boggy,at 3000rev smooth but when hold cruise revs ,say around 5000rpm the revs move up and down?its only done 47 hour... I have 3 rotax447's all doing the same thing? any way did you sort it out? Iv been grounded for 3 months now very itchy to get flying... take it easy