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  1. I bought a new premium SLSA in 2012. Annual inspections have been cheap & cheerful [for SF Bay area] at $350 to $500. If I was thinking about buying a new SLSA I would not convert to ELSA just to save on annual inspections. Plus my mechanic is way better than I would be. Also, If I were buying a used LSA I would pay more for an SLSA knowing it was not a first-time builder selling me a plane. So S-LSA makes it more marketable. But if you really need IFC operation...
  2. In my 912uls-powered SLSAs I have been using a Lithium-Iron-Phosphate battery (Sorei) since september 2008. I use a Battery-Tender Jr when i expect to be earthbound for a while. I once left the tender off for 2.5 months and it started after 2 blades. I've also inadvertently left the master on for 2 weeks and LiFePo4 was throw-way dead. BTW no vent tube. No hazardous-material restrictions in shipping or disposal.
  3. Looks draggy but scoots pretty fast. Friend in a220 took aerial pix of my bird and it was no slouch in climb. I believe they are 560 kg gross. His did not have chute. Also no autopilot. Seems well built. fly with doors open. I found cabin A tiny bit claustrophobic. Secret sauce may be lightweight. Quality USA vender.
  4. i have been flying my 2012 Remos for 4 years. Empty weight is 740lbs with dual dynons/garmin 696, magnum chute & autopilot. I've only flown CT once but my impression is the Remos is quite a bit simpler and easy easier to land. I'm 6' and have had no trouble seeing side to side. (clearing turn) One reason the side window may be lower is that the Remos has doors that are designed to be jettisoned in case of forced landing. They also come off easily for open-door flight. The fuel system is extremely simple. One ethanol-resistant tank in fuselage. no ladder requiredl. no switching tanks. i don't shut off single fuel valve when parked. no rainwater in fuel. The cockpit controlled flap-over-oil cooler makes for faster warm ups. I never fold the wings but like the feature for (theoretical) long term storage in garage. The build quality is absolutely superb (e.g., check out the four machined flap hinges per wing). The steel landing gear in newer models is pretty good at absorbing a bad landing. I believe the relatively light weight, simple systems and forgiving handling make it a very safe plane. The newer wing on the GX makes for great turbulence penetration. the long empennage and large tail feathers is very good for x-winds. today i cruised at 120kts TAS at 5300rpm. i've never let cramped. just my 2 cents
  5. i kept an eye out on craigs list for a transfer pump. found one and mounted it on plastic barrel and put the whole thing on a low trolley. about $250 including used transfer pump and old RV battery i ground the assembly with jumper cables to metal hanger when fueling. the extra jerry under plane is for overflow. i pull into a gas station and fuel jerry cans while in trunk of car; then suck out the gas without ever lifting the cans.
  6. is there a way to have FAA check if you are 2020 compliant?
  7. Even at very low altitude -- e.g., <50ft -- wouldn't a chute pull help reduce horizontal speed? ...in certain circumstances, say a controlled emergency landing on a rough/plowed field or over body of water and don't want to flip?
  8. my friend les goldner, liberty field flyers (an EAA chapter), petaluma CA installed one in zenith 701. i believe he's quite happy.
  9. FWIW Remos has a oil-cooler flap -- operated from cockpit -- that rotates in front of oil cooler. Very simple. Always wondered why it isn't copied. Of course i always forget to un-flap en route until "Dynon Lady" screams 'Oil Temperature' 'Oil Temperature' still much more foolproof and less plumbing than oil thermostat. ( i wish Dynon Lady would also scream 'departure flaps' 'departure flaps')
  10. Howardnmn

    Remos down

    FastEddieB: I did the exact same thing.
  11. Happened once with my 696. Just reset display brightness.
  12. fwiw?..Remos GX flies w/o doors and not too windy. Limited speed 90kts- I think. Should be similar in CT. Doors also designed to be ejected in forced landing so very easy to remove/re-instal.
  13. wait... 4gph w/ 20gal = 5hrs no reserve. 800nm / 5 hrs = 160 kts. wicked fast.
  14. add 30 gallons and that leaves about 300 lbs for people / baggage
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