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  1. dear Roger Lee, thanks a lot, let me go back to hangar and check again but this will impact to any dangerous of flying Roger?.
  2. thanks so much Corey Hassel, I will try to check it out again then ...
  3. dear Roger and friends in CTFlier.com, after my second sortie, just 1,500ft the alarm out of sudden came loud again with the same situation high RPM for tachometer while all cable is already checked before. throttle running well and i have all the power except the alarm, event after i ack it will come back again. i rushed for landing and do the full power checked on ground, no problem at all. any advise friends?.
  4. owh, thanks a lot Roger. i will check and update again later.
  5. hi Roger, thanks for the advise, i will have a look tomorrow in hangar. this alarm is a big issue during our flight?.
  6. hello friends in CTFlier, just send my EMS and EFIS to Dynon due to issue with the chip. last saturday it was appear high tachometer alarm, anyone could helps what is this about?.
  7. Bobby CAU


    Thanks my friend, the Boy Mosses has 6 hours with me so far and good kid as well while the girl just first time with me and im good handling kids as im sunday school teacher as well. Thanks for the positive comment.
  8. Bobby CAU


    thanks you guys love it, keep fly high and happy landing ... regards from Jakarta, Indonesia.
  9. Bobby CAU


    dear CTFlier.com, check out the new video enjoy and happy weekend ...
  10. How we could inspect the cable inside fuselage?. How many hours we need to replace?.
  11. Hello Roger, Thanks. I thought we CTSW only equipt with stabilizer trim and ailerons?. Does rudder comes along?. Please advise ok, appreciate it
  12. hi Roger, to move the ball we will use rudder right, any idea if we can center the ball with no rudder needed?. just my thought. thanks before.
  13. Thanks Roger. Very appreciate it. Will give you report after.
  14. Dear Fellow CTFlier, I had experience most of my flight my left fuel tank always less much compare to right and it caused un balance for me. Anyone experience this and any idea of the solution?. Thanks.
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