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  1. send me your address : michaelfly45@gmail.com
  2. Wheel pants are already gone......Cover anybody for free just shipping
  3. I have a set of main and nose wheel pants available for Tundra tires. In addition, I have a cockpit cover. Best offer
  4. my student just reported, that the left bagage door departed the airplane in flight. allegedly the pins broke off and the door flew away. any ideas how to get a new or used door?
  5. Well, here is the follow up. We changed the pitch and got 5200 static and 5560 dynamic rpm. Still high CHT. We decided to continue with the hose replacement for the ROTAX and had the same results. Next we had the carburators overhauled. No change. We replaced the ignition, because the right o e had failed. No change .next we replaced the thermostat and got slightly better results but noticed that the temperatur dropped, when we switched off the master avionics. We recleaned the ground contacts and got rid of that problem, vut still experienced 230F on the left and 250f on the right, which Lockwood considers to high even in 96F. Any comments?
  6. My WOT is right around 5200. How and how much do I adjust the Neuform 2 blade?
  7. I recently observed a slightly higher reading on the right CHT indicator. In cruis it is about 12 to 15 degrees higher but during pattern work it can be 30 degrees higher and exceed 270 degrees. I exchanged the right and left probe with no change in readings. My next plan is to check compression. Any other ideas?
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