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  1. Your world just got smaller! Have a Great Time!
  2. $65,000 firm Can view more photos on Barnstormers
  3. 2007 Flight Design CTSW Light Sport N254CT 200 hours, super clean, one owner, fresh condition inspection including 5 year hose replacement and chute repack, Ready to fly always hangared, no flat screens to learn, air speed altitude and VSI standard instruments, seats look new, SL40 radio Garmin, 496 GPS in panel Garmin, GTX 327 transponder, Safe & easy to fly, Instruction at this airport in this airplane, very fast low time, fun to fly, cheap to operate airplane • Located at Charles Schulz Airport KSTS Santa Rosa CA. Contact Ron Cassero 707 636-7062 Adding photos from another source shortly
  4. Fly your new CTLS home with a flight instructor, by the time you get to the east coast you will be very comfortable with all aspects of the aircraft. Once home, you can find an instructor to instruct in your plane. Or fly your partner here and learn from Jim McCord, one of the Greatest CFII's around! Go wine tasting after.
  5. Young Choi is a gentleman in a wheel chair that was just asking about hand controls. I took him for a flight and he loved the CT. I will let him know. Ron
  6. I work at Charles Schulz Airport, Craig Schulz's (son) biplane is named Woodstock. Your plane looks more like Woodstock! Love it!
  7. Congrats on your new bird! Have you named her yet
  8. Thanks Eddie and Cluemeister $150K I sold this airplane new and put most of the hours on it, taking it to airshows. It was sold in 2013. Ron
  9. 2012 Flight Design CTLSI Light Sport, fuel injected Rotax with Sport Upgrade, 85 hours TT. N716JC Neuform 3-Blade Composite - Ground Adjustable Leather seats with pump up bolsters, Brown interior, BRS parachute, Dynon 10" dual Skyview PFD, MFD and Garmin 796 removable WAAS GPS, Dynon SkyView Integrated 2-Axis Autopilot Cruise 115-120 knts @ 4.5 GPH mogas or 100LL. Always hangared, fresh annual, LEMO Plugs For ANR Headsets, Tundra Wheels & Wheel Fairings LED Landing & Position Lights, Call Ron Cassero, Sonoma Jet Aircraft Sales 707 696-7062 cell 707 291-8958 Flight Design Dealer KSTS Santa Rosa, CA
  10. Tip have you found an airplane yet?
  11. I know of two CTLSI's that may come on the market soon. One of them has less than 100 hours on it and I put most of those on it. The other has around 200 hours on it. Ron
  12. Flight Design to set for a press release today for the first flight of the C4. Here is an advance look at the C4's first flight Ron
  13. That's me Ron Cassero from Sonoma Jet Center! Lots of fun. The CTLSI was a big hit. Palm Springs was a great place to fly!
  14. Hello Gang! If you have not already heard, Arlington WA fly-in puts on a Great show. Aside from the airshow and static displays they have a military show that is outstanding. They have real tanks that shoot (blanks) and run full speed in a field. The light sport group have their own staging area right next to their own runway. They also put on some manufacture flyby's that I got a chance to do and it was a blast! You can take a demo ride in just about anything. Their are some mountain passes nearby that have breathtaking views. I highly recommend this show. www.arlingtonflyin.org/ Ron Cassero, Sonoma Jet Center
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