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  1. Guys, I was waiting for your comments before I post mine: I didn't want to insult to whole continent from the other side of the atlantic, but reading your feedback, it seems that both Europe & America's agreed that AJ is not really moving to the right direction in terms of interior design !!!!
  2. Marco01

    having Flap problems? check this out!

    nothing else to be done. make sure to insert back all wires at the same same place when reconnect....
  3. Marco01

    having Flap problems? check this out!

    hello Marculee, here is the right ref: http://www.conrad.fr/ce/fr/product/504206/Relais-pour-circuits-imprimes-Song-Chuan-832A-1C-C-12-12-VDC-30-A-1-inverseur-RT-1-pcs/SHOP_AREA_17391 Don't forget that you need two of them. Since job done 400 hours ago, no issue with flaps anymore. ring me if you need help: +33 (0) 6 21 57 35 99
  4. Marco01

    Small N-Numbers

    Well, here in France, solution is straight forward: no N-Numbers (should I translate it as F-numbers) are allowed to be displayed on a ultralight aircraft!
  5. 2 bungees to latch your luggages 2 life jackets (not automatic) 1 personnal PLB as ocean signal rescueme 1 mirror for rescue
  6. Marco01

    Desser 10350-4 6 PLY

    4 years ago, I have ordered the 4.00-4-8ply from Dresser. for my CTSW 2007. the gap between the tire and the folk was less than a mm. After several flights, a small stone managed to be stuck between the wheel and the fork, damaging the tire witch finally explode on the taxiway. since then, I'm using 4.4 6ply from Aeroclassic: no more issues...
  7. Marco01

    bad carb heat design

    here is my take away after a cold wet winter here in France: flying on high icing conditions 3°C & dew point at 3°C. I have several time experienced hicing on my CTSW 2007. as pre-warning, the engine is running little bit rough, then, after few minutes, sudden drop of RPM + high vibration during approximately 1 Sec, then back to normal, and 912s running smoothly. My understanding is that ice is slowly built in the 2 carbs, and then suddenly "eated" by only one of the 2 carbs, generating strong un balance running. When this happened, I was close to my airfield and decided to investigate more. flying again with no carb eating during 20 minutes, and then pull in the carb heat. once I was able to reproduce the rpm drop just few seconds after applying carb heating. my concern was on an other day, having carb heating on the whole flight, but after 1 hour, got the 1 sec vibration and rpm drop. may be carb heating has some limit has well. On sand injection, I have recognised that the air filter box ad several holes by-passing the air filter! most probably designed to get strap to fix the air filter. I have removed one of the remaining strap, and sealed all holes with tapes (on top side only since I wanted to avoid any risk to have the tape swallowed by the carbs!
  8. Marco01

    Trutrak VISION

    when upgrading from DFIIvs to vizion, received back with same setting: didn't notice any changes and everything works fine so far...
  9. Marco01

    Stabilator check

    thank you guy to ahve posted again, in fact I have already shared this video in this forum in an other post. anyway, hope this will help CT user to double check this point... Marc
  10. Marco01

    having Flap problems? check this out!

    Colin & Roger, some news on this one: moving the potentiometer has helps, but didn't fixed the problem. I still needed from time to time to increase the power to get higher voltage from the generator, and being able to operate the flaps from -12 ° to 0° . 2 weeks ago, while I praticed a landing with the engine turned off completely, I understood the danger to not fixed this when the flap didn't moved again and stays at -12°! in case of real engine failure, I would then need to proceed to an emergency landing with no flaps in any free field: not nice! so I decided to follow your suggestion: dismount the card (with the help of my 14 years old daughter who get nice thin arms!), replaced the 2 relays by new one ordered from Conrad (17€ with shipment), spray coating again, and install again the card. works perfectly now! i took the time to open the relays: contact were clearly dark and dusted by some carbon. most probably, this influence the current/voltage measurement needed to limit the current demand if flap are operated at high speed. anyway, great thanks again from both of you for your advices: ready now to fly to Corsica mid July!
  11. Marco01

    Failed ignition modules

    some news on this one: I have let the engine off for 3 weeks on a row + hot day during the test: the rotax started immediately! great news and so happy that this Netherlands company found a way to fixed this. note that they replace the failed component (capacitor) by a new one with higher temperature standard (automotive). this is great!
  12. Marco01

    Failed ignition modules

    actually, the French company will charge almost 800€ for both modules: I have sent mine, and received back in one week 2 other repaired modules. pb is fixed now and the engine starts immediately! for our US friends, note that french company doesn't repair the modules themselves, but use the services of the following Netherland organisation https://www.carmo.nl/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=493_497_671_2711_4729&products_id=1031&language=en&zenid=9p6vbc1tbb3fjs498c6kaf1pf6 i have heard that they are also located in US: to be check...
  13. Yes that's the right one: I was late to get the modification done, but OK until I don't go over 225km/h. If you have already the short trim tab, nothing to be done...
  14. this CN only apply to CTSW made for Europe.
  15. i have felt one time strange vibration while,going done with high speed in turbulence... Few days weeks after, FD published a CN that VNE was set to 225Km/h max until stab modification is down (compensating stab needed to be shorten + vertical dam to be added).