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  1. Karl

    CTLS landing for beginners

    I have now got 300 plus hours up in CTLS and fly mostly in the condition you describe and fly exactly as what Tom suggested The only time I would use 30 flaps is when I'm coming in a bit high and need to loose altitude or on short field landing Zero flaps only with high crosswind and always come in at 60 knots it has worked so far for me and it is something I picked up from this forum
  2. Karl

    Poor idle after run-up

    Also have a look at your carburettor heat ,mine was stuck on due to inner cable folding double just behind the panel . It broke when I tried to straitened it .
  3. Karl

    Possible CTLS down, Breezy Point, NY

    Very sad indeed on the other hand I'm not sure for you guys in the US but in Australia my dynon skyview ADSB transponder transmit its altitude in ft corrected to 1013 hPa and that is the altitude displayed on flightradar24 So the 100ft altitude he was flying at mite not be actual altitude.
  4. Karl

    "Stick and Rudder Moments"

    trim.FFA077DD-B1B6-46B3-BFA6-B9F705186D0B.MOV I had my new CTLS with Dynon auto pilot tracking level and balanced with auto pilot engaged Then with both feed of the rudder pedals I changed track on the Skyview the result was the ball going out of center Karl
  5. Karl

    calibrating airspeeds, revisited

    Just got back from a 2hr site seeing trip and compared Dynon altitude readings with 3 independent GPS sources. My private strip is at 300 ft AMSL set the Dynon on 300 ft and the Dynon GPS was reading 312 ,Garmin 795 reading 304 and Ipad 298 ft. Cruising with auto pilot set at 5500 and stable the Dynon gps was indicating 5605 ,Garmin 5596 and Ipad 5580 ft AMSL. The difference between Dynon and GPS in flight was between 60 and 105 ft ,the only time they corresponded was before take of and after landing. This leads me to conclude that with inaccurate airspeed and altitude readings the static vent on my CTLS is located in a negative pressure area. I know that Flight Design has not changed the position of the static vent ,but has any one verified the indicated air speeds and altitudes in flight on the CTSL or CTSW ?(BY THE WAY just clocked up 100 hrs in 12 weeks) Karl
  6. Karl

    calibrating airspeeds, revisited

    The Dynon Skyview calculates the TAS with use of the OAT and barometer setting in my CTLS ,the skyview only allows a calibration to zero. On the Dynon forum any one with to high than true airspeed readings gets pointed to look at position of the static vent. I can see that with the CTLS ground affect at rotation could affect air pressure at the static vent in that area. The Altimeter and Airspeed readings to the Skyview got tested only 3 months ago as part of the transponder registration and found to be very accurate . However the test is done in a work shop and no allowance is made for a static vent that could be positioned in a higher or lower than ambient air pressure area of the aircraft. If I'm the only one with this problem I have to start looking elsewhere than static vent position.
  7. Karl

    calibrating airspeeds, revisited

    I did some more research in to static vent position to see if that is causing the high IAS reading on my CTLS If there would be a problem with the static vent this would also affect altitude and vertical speed indicator, so I kept a close eye on my altitude and VSI as I commenced a take off and noticed an instand increase in altitude of 20 ft and a vertical climb of 300ft/ min before the landing gear had left the runway. This lets me believe that the static vent is located in a low pressure aerea on the aircraft, it's position is just back and between the main landing gear. Is this the same position on all other CTLS and CTSW models ? Karl
  8. Karl

    calibrating airspeeds, revisited

    I've been flying my new CTLS for nearly 3 months now and during one of my many local flights I noticed that on a nice calm morning flight the Dynon skyview always showed a head wind component regardless of what direction the aircraft was flying to So I did some testing, flying opposite headings at same alititude and air speed and comparing TAS with GPS ground speed and found the skyview indicating a 6knt higher reading than the GPS at 105 IAS and at 1500ASL I've repeated this test many times now with the same outcome. Static vent position is mostly blamed for incorrect airspeed readings, have any of you ever tested your airspeed indicators and found them to be out by that much ? Karl
  9. Karl

    Delivery time on new Ctls

    She has arrived waiting for C of A and registration with CASA
  10. Karl

    No posts for 2 days!

    Maybe it's save to mention that my new CTLS that's sitting on the docks at Hamburg waiting for its ride to Australia has not got the 912iS in it just the old 912ULS.
  11. Karl

    Delivery time on new Ctls

    Still waiting for delivery but it should get shipped soon
  12. Seen this dash and now I want one. How can I get this on my plane it's not offered through Flight Design? Cheers Karl
  13. Karl

    Ocean Ditching

    That looks like a pipistrel from what's is showing above the water line. The pipistrel is build using similar materials and process so I go with that a CT should float.
  14. Karl

    My "De Niro" Philosophy for Flying

    The small amount of Mogas on the fuel dipstick and fuel inspection container stored in aircraft will do it for most. We noticed fuel smell in side aircraft afther the flying club changed from avgas to mogas . Most times when you have refueled before take of you would have got it whiff of it and become senceticed Not so you your passenger. Karl
  15. Karl

    Delivery time on new Ctls

    Just a update on my delivery status. Still waiting and getting very frustrated . Latest forecasted delivery date is now mid December 2013 The hardest thing is following this forum seeing delivery of a jubilee CTLSI knowing that they came available some 4 months after my order. Not sure if it's gone happen ,I fully paid for it September 2012 for a December 2012 delivery.