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  1. Deadstick Landing

    Either way turning off a good running engine makes no sense
  2. N565SC

  3. 8th. Annual page, AZ Fly-In

    Roger, Wanda and I will join you again this year. Will make our reservations today and have talked another SportCruiser owner, Gary and Judy Cordell, into joining us. They will make the trip from Tennessee. We're like Olav says below, it's not a complete year without this fly-in trip ... lots to see and friends to meet.
  4. 7th. Annual 2013 Page, AZ Fly-In

    Roger, any idea how many rental cars we'll need? How does that work? Dave N281DW
  5. 7th. Annual 2013 Page, AZ Fly-In

    Roger Believe you have all my data. Wanda will join me. Dave
  6. 7th. Annual 2013 Page, AZ Fly-In

    Roger, all registered with the hotel and looking forward to meeting the group Dave N281DW