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  1. I do agree, the strobes *should* be synced. And at least popping the wings out enough to fish a couple of wires through is not that big a deal, so I'd probably just do that at install time.
  2. I ordered one of the pens, I'll let you guys know how it works out.
  3. I've been called worse...just ask Roger!
  4. I certainly have the skills to make an adapter, and I have plenty of 6061 sheet in my hangar. Maybe I'll bite the bullet. So if you just go with the existing wiring and don't run another one, both strobes and position lights come on from the "Position Light" panel switch? That would work for me, I can't see a circumstance where I'd want just one or the other operating.
  5. I have a cheapo airline blanket I drape over the cowl that covers the NACA inlet and spinner gap, I wrap it around and tuck it in the radiator opening and it covers everything else. Then my Harbor Freight heat gun goes in the bottom of the cowl via a piece of heat-resistant scat tube. Works great for pre-heating.
  6. Thanks. Running everything to a single switch would be fine for me. But $778 is steep compared to the OP's installation.
  7. A lot. Any time you compress air you generate heat. There is not a lot of heat difference between superchargers and turbos. The turbo is just "free" power as it runs off the exhaust gasses. The supercharger puts drag on the engine via the belt system and eats some of the gains. I had a supercharged Mustang with no intercooler some years ago. At the drag strip the difference between the first pass and the second pass was dramatic as all that heat started robbing me of power. In hindsight it was not a good setup.
  8. Over the weekend at a fly-in I saw a Highlander using a 912ULS with an Edge Performance turbo kit. I asked the owner's friend how much power it makes, he said "I don't think he even knows...he spends all his time tweaking it to try to get it running right." 😆 Turbos are massive heat generators...I am a little leery of turbos on a 912 that already runs at high rpm and can get pretty hot in a Summer climb. I'd probably rather spend my money on a big bore setup if I were going down the modification path.
  9. My 2007 has pretty stiff ailerons *plus* the additional 2007 pitch spring, which forces the stick forward on the ground and makes the pitch heavier. Best thing I ever did was ditch the additional pitch spring. I was not the first to do it, so I'm not "too much" of a test pilot. Now the pitch is light and the pitch trim wheel needs much less travel to affect pitch changes. I have flown to at or near Vne several times and it's smooth as butter. That doesn't help most here since I can legally make this change as an E-LSA and there were really only a few airplanes in 2007 IIRC with the additional spring.
  10. Did you say single lever, no separate brake? How does that work? I don't really like the sound of it.
  11. We will still see 1320lb weights in the USA unless FD got an exemption from the FAA or if rules changes go through.
  12. The real question is "how STOL do you want to go?". I have landed on *fairly* rough grass into strips as short as 1250ft over 75ft trees, and 1000ft strips with very nice grass and excellent approaches. If your technique is good both in the air and on the ground, you can easily land and take off through 6" tall clumpy grass. You are *not* going do well in a CT on grossly unimproved strips full of gopher holes and foot tall grass, or a short gravel bar beside a river. But that's not what it's designed for. Here's my 1250ft landing over the trees onto a rough-ish grass surface, taken by my buddy on the ground: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmlMeZyZm5M I routinely fly with buddies who are flying a Legend Cub, a Maule, and a Cessna 185. The fact is I can land at about 80-85% of the places my friends routinely go. For the rest I just orbit safely above while they make their landings. No big deal. But if we are going someplace I smoke the Legend Cub, and can keep up with the 300hp Maule (which burns 17gph in cruise). As an all-around "does everything pretty well" airplane, I'd take the CT over the Legend or the Maule. If you want to land a CT on short grass strips, there are some things you need to get comfortable with: 1) You have to be okay approaching with 30°-40° and landing SLOW. For a CTSW solo 50kt is the starting point, 48kt is better. In the video above my approach speed over the trees was 46kt. That's kind of the turning point; below that the airplane sinks *really* fast, at 44kt or so the nose starts to come down. The CT has a lot of power, so if you get too slow and start to sink more than you want to you can goose the throttle. You can also approach with a little bit of power in at the lower speed, and it will buy you a little more control authority and stability. 2) You have to slip. The CT is slippery and wants to go fast. If you have a short field and/or obstacles to get over, full flaps might not be enough. The CT slips great even with full flaps, though it will pick up speed in the slip if you don't hold the nose up. If you are not comfortable with slipping all the way to ground effect, you are going to leave some of the short field performance of the airplane on the table. 3) Respect the wind. Trying to land on any grass strip with even a knot or two tailwind, is a losing proposition and will make your landing much longer. Gusty or strong crosswinds should make you think carefully about what you're doing and if it's worth the risk. The CT is a handful in windy conditions anyway, adding a short field and/or rough grass is not going to help. And remember anyplace you get into you are going to have to get out of... 4) Full aft stick when taxiing and after touchdown -- the nose gear is the weak link here, protect it!
  13. Bah...I thought Aveo had a CT drop in set at some point in the past that fit without adapters and using the existing wiring.
  14. My factory lights are terrible. Does anybody know if these lights are a drop-in replacement on a CTSW?
  15. I think Rough River in Kentucky has an adjacent camping area.
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