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  1. My busted one has been going strong with a JB Weld repair for well over ten hours. It might last forever that way, but it looks like crap and I start to feel guilty...
  2. Some here, I had a bin full of rejected parts on my Sonex project. I don't really have the tools to make a dished tray like the fuel drip tray, at least not with the sides welded up correctly. I have zero welding ability.
  3. Well, to be fair only one of mine needs replacement, and it lasted 975 hours.
  4. I built most of a Sonex myself, I could make my own tray. But there is something to say for having a firewall forward that appears factory and doesn't look like an abortion of "custom" parts.
  5. Ugh, they already shipped it...I hope it fits.
  6. I ordered a new tray from FD-USA. $148.12 plus shipping. Still outrageous for a formed piece of sheet metal, but it could have been worse based on some other FD parts.
  7. IIRC Corey said the non-insulated battery box from EarthX for the 680C battery bolts right up to the CT firewall in the Odyssey box location without drilling. 179: I have always had to remove the battery box on my CTSW to get the battery out.
  8. I had a conversation about this with a friend the other day. I'll never own a certified airplane, the cost and regulatory restrictions are just out of my price range and BS tolerance. It's all experimental or LSA for me and that has worked out great so far.
  9. From looking at the tray a bunch lately this all makes sense. Thanks for the help and I'll be sure to bother you if I hit any snags!
  10. Thanks. I was thinking of a Rotax part number, but I don't know, is the one one our airplanes an FD part?
  11. Thanks Tom, that is super helpful, and you even saved me having to look up the torque! Does anybody have a part number for just the left tray? I see a tray "kit" listed on CPS/Spruce for $188, but the picture looks different from what I have (have the trays changed?)... I hate to buy two trays when I only need one.
  12. Weird...I see the picture in my browser.
  13. You see the attach bolt back under the carb, that's the troublemaker. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  14. The fuel drip tray under my left carb is very badly cracked along the attach bracket, almost all the way through. I have slapped some JB Kwik Weld on it and it's stable, but it really needs to be replaced. Looking at it with one of the attach bolts under the intake, it looks like there is no way to get the damn thing off without pulling the intake runners off the top of the engine. Am I missing something? If there's a secret squirrel trick to getting this done easily I'd sure like to know it!
  15. Here's the base to final turn I made yesterday. This one was admittedly pretty high, but this is about where I like to turn final. I call the turn on the radio as "turning short final". As for TPA...as I said it depends on what's going on and who's in the pattern. I always enter a pattern at TPA, but if I'm doing touch and goes and there is nobody else around, I don't see any problem flying a lower pattern. TPA is a recommendation, not a requirement. This is one of those cases where you can use common sense and do what makes sense for the situation. We often have Cubs and such in this area that fly a 500ft pattern with no issues. IMO, it's more important that you talk on the radio and announce your position. If you are not talking on the radio you are far more likely to cause a conflict than if you are 100ft low and talking the whole time. In fact, up to 99ft low you will still pass a checkride.
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