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  1. IFly 740b installed

    Airgizmo only makes one dock for all the 7” iFly units, so yeah it’s the same one.
  2. Plan ahead, Leaving town if you need parts

    Agreed, leave DENIED. But since you never listen anyway, have fun!
  3. Why we should replace engine isolators

    I think I recall the isolators we use are actually Volvo parts, or at least the same parts used by them. The problem with the isolators in my experience is you can't really tell their condition until you get them out. Mine looked pretty bad for a couple of years, with lots of cracking. But once I pulled them out to replace them, the actual bearing surface that does the work and is not visible when they are on the engine looked brand new. So I think the best policy is just to make sure they are installed and torqued properly, and replace them every five years at hose change time. Look at them periodically, but don't get worried about their appearance unless they are actually starting to flake apart. I slathered my new ones with silicone grease (yes, food grade!) before installing to prevent the cracking, but no luck...they are now cracking again six months later. Whatever, I'll change them again in 4.5 years.
  4. General Info about the CT

    Oh I didn't think it was a real argument, I was being a bit tongue in cheek...I'll use a smiley next time to make it more clear. I always think of it this way: Silicon = Computer Chips Silicone = Boobs.
  5. IFly 740b installed

    Tom, if you still have one of the cutout center panels from your install, I'd like to buy it. Just let me know.
  6. Center Panel

    Tom, are these already cut internally for the iFly dock and the radio & transponder, or just cut panel "blanks"? Do you have a picture of one as you are aelling them? If they are drop in install for the iFly upgrade, I'm definitely interested.
  7. General Info about the CT

    If silicone is derived from silicon, then is it not true by definition that if MX3 contains no silicon, it also contains no silicone? Let's not argue trivial differences!
  8. IFly 740b installed

    Seems like several owners are going the iFly route. My upgrade has been stalled due to shoulder surgery, but as soon as I'm able I will be adding this unit to my airplane to replace the aging 496. How is the iFly doing driving the autopilot? Does it hold course and altitude well?
  9. CTSW Paint cracking

    That's pretty bad, how big of an area is that? Those long cracks radiating out from the central area look particularly nasty. I have an area on my lower right cowling that looks like the center part of that area, but not as bad. I think mine was caused either by flexing when removing the cowl, and/or heat damage from the muffler which is right behind it. It was like that when I bought the airplane 500hrs ago and has not really gotten worse. Eventually I should probably consider repainting the lower cowling.
  10. UAvionix install

    Great idea. Lots of good problem solvers on this forum!
  11. Camping via CT?

    I have done it. It's pretty easy to bring what you need if you're solo, if you have a passenger it gets hard or impossible if you want to stay at legal weight. You might be able to have enough stuff for a night, but not for a multi-day excursion. You can substitute a very lightweight tarp for a heavier tent and camp under the wing if the temperature is moderate and save a couple of pounds there. Also ditch all the junk you might have in the airplane that you don't absolutely need -- I have a cover, and a decent amount of tools that normally stay in the airplane, probably 12-15lb. If I was camping with a passenger all that would have to go, and I'd just accept that some problems would require calling for help.
  12. UAvionix install

    So if you think you might have violated airspace, fly to a non-towered airport, descend to treetop level, then turn off ADS-B and transponder and change course to a different non-towered airport (still at treetop level) and land there. Got it. Kidding of course. The cure for this problem would seem to be not violating airspace!
  13. Adding AoA to a CTSW

    Roger, I kind of came to a similar conclusion.
  14. Rumbling idle this morning?

    I had a student pilot in my airplane with me (which helped as an extra set of eyes and to have the NOTAM handy), and two other airplanes in my flight of three. We got assigned different runways though so I was quickly on my own. The pilots in the other airplanes would not be helpful anyway since once you are in the procedure radio use is forbidden. If you can fly into a busy class D airport, you can do the Oshkosh VFR arrival procedure. You literally just follow roads and/or railroad tracks and listen for instructions at certain points. Bring another pilot with you if you are really worried, but I doubt you will have any issues. Thousands of very marginal pilots have done its successfully, so you are ahead of the game. Just study the procedure in the NOTAM thoroughly, and have it printed and handy in the cockpit.
  15. CTSW Paint cracking

    My 2007 also has paint cracks, also hangared. I’ve seen the same on others. I don’t think the gel coat paint jobs on these airplanes are outstanding in that regard.