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  1. Rotax 16 hour class question??

    If you go E-LSA and get the repairman certificate for your airplane (which just requires filling out a form), you. can do ANY work on it, including rubber change, annual, removing BRS, rebuilding the engine, or adding your own custom designed landing gear...anything. The airplane is in the experimental category and anybody can do any work on an experimental except the annual (which is why you want the repairman certificate, which allows annuals). Now, just because you can do anything doesn’t mean you should. If you need serious engine work, you should only do that yourself if you have taken the approrpiate Rotax training. But there is a lot you can do on the engine like carb rebuild and sync, hose changes, and other minor work that doesn’t require any particularly intense skills. Once you start getting into cylinders, heads, and getting into the case, you want trained people doing it.
  2. 2007 Pitch Spring Removed

  3. 2007 CTSW $63,900

    You can't. Keep it.
  4. You AZ guys have an embarrassment of riches regarding CT resources available to you. How about sharing with the rest of the country?!?
  5. 2007 Pitch Spring Removed

    I finally went ahead and deleted the "extra" spring that pre-loaded the joystick pitch axis in my 2007 CTSW yesterday. I don't think I'll be replacing it. I test flew it yesterday including cruise flight up to 125kt (~5500rpm), a dive to Vne, and two landings, one on grass and one on pavement, both at 30° flaps. Impressions: * I'm no longer confused by Charlie Tango and other describing how they set trim for landing, etc. My airplane now flies similarly, and needs minimal/no trim from downwind to landing. Previously I needed to use full aft trim from abeam the numbers to touchdown. It was fine that way, and the 2007 I trained in was the same. But not having to touch the trim is, as Forrest Gump says, "one less thing"... * I did need to add some some nose down trim on climb out as I accelerated with flaps in. On my next flight I will start the roll with the trim a little more forward and see if that reduces that somewhat. * I found that in cruise at 100+ knots I have my trim at about 80-90% forward, and I run out of forward trim around 125kias. I rarely if ever cruise that fast or faster, so I don't know if I will bother adjusting the trim system. I had previously adjusted it to give me more aft trim, so I might need to turn those rod ends back a turn to give me more nose down range. I'm in "wait and see" mode on that. * I worried that since I was used to a much heavier stick feel, that I'd over-control the airplane in pitch . Unfounded. Apparently my brain works more on the amount of stick travel than on stick force; I found myself just moving the stick the same as always, it just took less effort. I used to fly with my first two fingers and thumb wrapped around the stick to get the necessary force for control. Now I can fly with just the tips of those three digits. That's better and less fatiguing. * The stick forces feel more linear, and perhaps a bit more precise. I attribute this to the nature of a coil spring; the forces are not linear, but load up in an increasing curve as the spring tension increases. This leads to an ever-increasing ramp up of effort as the stick is moved farther aft. * Landings felt the same, just with less stick effort. The stick does come back easier close to the ground. On my pavement landing I seemed to get the stick back more and sooner, which led to a greaser landing, but the nose was higher than I'm used to. I wondered if I might hear a scraping noise from the tail, but it never happened. I guess that is just something I'll have to be aware of, and not over-do the pitch change on touchdown. Overall, I have not seen any disadvantages to this change, and it definitely makes the controls feel a bit more sporty. I'd recommend this for other 2007 CTSW owners with the extra spring installed. Of course, the applies only to E-LSA owners or S-LSA owners with an anti-authoritarian streak.
  6. 2007 CTSW $63,900

    Buckaroo, I would not lower your price much from there. Even if it takes a little longer to sell, I think somebody will bite at that price considering the condition and equipment. I would, that's about the price I paid for mine four years ago in similar shape, but with fewer hours and fewer gadgets. At the time I felt I "stole" it from the previous owner. I think your airplane is priced right.
  7. CTSW fuel dipstick - where to purchase?

    I did not. I didn't want paint flaking off into my fuel. Though honestly, I primarily use the tool for opening the fuel caps and almost never dip them. I eyeball the fuel in the tanks with a flashlight, and use the sight tubes that I have marked and calibrated.
  8. 2007 CTSW $63,900

    Have you considered taking the LSRM course and some Rotax training, and doing your own maintenance? Good luck with the sale!
  9. 2007 CTSW $63,900

    That was fast...what happened?
  10. CTSW fuel dipstick - where to purchase?

    Yeah, it’s not hard. I laid the old one on some 1/8” thick aluminum, traced it, and cut it out. Mostly with a bandsaw and finished with a Dremel and smoothed with sandpaper and a Scotch-Brite wheel. Took about 45 minutes total.
  11. Aero Classic 4.00x6 6 ply tires

    Wilkerson has 6.00x6 but not 4.00x6 tires listed on their site. They might be able to do 4.00x6, but you'd have to call them to find out.
  12. 10th Annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in

    I'm bummed Tim, I've been dreaming of that delicious breakfast at Monument Valley!
  13. 10th Annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in

    Well, it's just not happening for us. There is a area of IFR weather from Atlanta to Dallas and all the way to the gulf coast, that is predicted to persist through tomorrow and possibly into Thursday. That doesn't gove us enough time to get out there and enjoy the sights before having to turn back around and return. Maybe things will be better next year, or I might even plan a trip out that way before then in late Spring or early Summer when conditions tend to be a be less volatile. We tried, sorry!
  14. 10th Annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in

    Looks like we are grounded for today. Hoping for better conditions tomorrow, but the prognosis is not great. Cross your fingers!
  15. 10th Annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-in

    I sure hope you are right!