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  1. FlyingMonkey

    Airplane Taxes

    So I guess at least one other state has these crazy annual taxes.
  2. FlyingMonkey

    Airplane Taxes

    I'm just wondering: is there any state as bad as my home state of Georgia for airplane ownership? We have to pay property taxes annually on aircraft, as if they were houses or other real estate. This year my airplane was assessed at a value of $75k (does anybody think they could sell a 2007 CTSW without EMS for $75k?!?) and my tax bill was $895. This process repeats every year. It would be easier to bear if the taxes were used for aviation improvements, but they go into general revenue and pay for schools and administrative costs in a county I don't even live in...
  3. FlyingMonkey

    Exhaust issues with Rotax

    I know lubing the joints should be done, but at what interval? Is there a way to do it without disassembling the entire exhaust system. I did my joints with my rubber change, but I'd hesitate to take it all apart just to lube the joints, since it could create exhaust leaks or maintenance-induced problems.
  4. Thanks...sounds complicated!
  5. FlyingMonkey

    Exhaust issues with Rotax

    I doubt if it would make a difference. The gasses coming through there would probably shred the wrap in seconds.
  6. FlyingMonkey

    Exhaust issues with Rotax

    I don't think I have it anymore, but I will look. Roger might be able to put you in touch, since he's on the field there at Ryan.
  7. FlyingMonkey

    Exhaust issues with Rotax

    Yeah, if I ever need welds done on my exhaust again, I'll send it back to that guy. Really top notch. He did all that stainless work for me in a few hours and only charged me (IIRC) $185. I was 1500 miles from home and needed to get in the air to get home; he could have charged me anything he wanted and I'd have had to pay it.
  8. FlyingMonkey

    Exhaust issues with Rotax

    Roger is right on the repair. Here's my crack and repair, way stronger than it needs to be: You can see I also had a plate welded on the end of the muffler; I was having spiderweb cracks from the welds around the exhaust pipe too. These repairs have held up great for 3+ years, I expect them to outlast the airframe.
  9. FlyingMonkey

    Exhaust issues with Rotax

    Looks familiar, that;s exactly where mine broke. Bad welds seem to be the culprit. I wonder if the exhaust "shock cools" when going from cruise power/temps to a descent with reduced power...?
  10. FlyingMonkey

    ADSB on Garmin 796 from Dynon

    While I don't specifically know the answer, I'd say it's unlikely. Garmin typically uses a proprietary data stream that nobody else knows how to decode, to communicate between their devices. Most "open" devices use an standard GDL90 data encoding scheme, that Garmin doesn't recognize. I wouldn't take the above as gospel since it's just my guess, but it's generally true for Garmin devices. Garmin wants to lock you into their ecosystem and force you to buy their products, and so they make it very hard to integrate their devices with those from other manufacturers.
  11. FlyingMonkey

    Circuit Breaker labeled ADI, what is it?

    Isn't that a turn coordinator, rather than a true ADI?
  12. FlyingMonkey

    Circuit Breaker labeled ADI, what is it?

    ADI = Attitude Direction Indicator, as you said. That's usually a gyro-driven "artificial horizon". Most CTs don't have one, though I'm sure that breaker has been used for other things in a lot of cases.
  13. FlyingMonkey

    skyview upgrade?

    The installation of the displays and such themselves is pretty easy, I think it's getting all the engine monitoring sensors and wiring right, and integrating everything with existing intercom, audio, GPS, etc that makes it more arduous.
  14. FlyingMonkey

    skyview upgrade?

    Ah...certainly true!
  15. FlyingMonkey


    Another possibility for insurance, as long as you don't owe anything on the airplane, is to simply drop hull coverage and have liability only, and drop your rate by about 75%. it would make me nervous, but some folks are okay with that. Another option is to only drop hull for "in motion" incidents, so you'd still be covered if a meteor struck your hangar. I'm pretty risk averse, financially speaking, so I don't generally recommend this...but if you are old enough or have an accident history that makes insurance unaffordable, you do have options. One positive side effect is that you'll probably fly more conservatively if you know any damage is going to come out of your pocket at 100%! 😁