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  1. Ah, I didn't realize there was a "stem" on the unit. Thanks for the explanation!
  2. Nice piece but a question: why did you make the "neck" of the piece so long? It seems like it could be half as long or less and still do the job.
  3. My mount has been in place for several years, and it's fine. The mushroom material is pretty thin, just put a piece of aluminum (I think I used 0.060" thick) on the backside to support the mount and keep the screws. It doesn't have to be big, I think I used a 1/2" wide strip just long enough for both ball mount screws to go through.
  4. Don't tell anybody, I don't want that reputation. 😉
  5. Same here. And the safety benefit of running a landing light all the time is real. I have landed within 5min of the end of civil twilight with the LED landing light. The runway edge lights were visible, the runway surface was not. The light was adequate for illuminating the runway surface in time for me to round out properly. Not great, but adequate.
  6. I could tell you to search the forum, but... http://ctflier.com/topic/5217-since-grass-is-legal-in-so-many-states-now/
  7. Well, I think they have to be proficient and actually looking out the window. Most of the traffic conflicts I've had involved me making a course change and the other airplane blundering along like they didn't have any clue I was there.
  8. I don't like to fly within 5° of 0° or 180° headings. I will "tack" across my intended course to keep away from those kinds of conflicts. Around here I usually fly under 3000ft and there are no restrictions at that altitude there on direction of travel. I almost got drilled by a Mooney flying head on a few years ago.
  9. The cup holders are worth their weight in gold, for sure.
  10. Exactly what I do. I will cheat it down to 48kt if the wind is calm and I want to land ASAP (As Short As Possible). If you look at the grass landing videos I posted in another thread, those were all done in the 48-50kt range at 30° flaps.
  11. I only got once stick, plain aluminum and graduated on both sides for the two different tanks. Mine developed a crack on the inside curve from unscrewing the fuel caps, so I used it as a template and made a replacement out of 1/8" thick aluminum plate and with a wider inside curve radius. That one will never crack. I didn't bother to graduate it, I set my fuel level by looking in the tank at the fuel level with a flashlight and verifying by the sight gauges (which are graduated and calibrated).
  12. It’s just a standard RAM iPad cradle attached to a 6” arm going to a 1” RAM ball mount on the side of the mushroom.
  13. Here are the takeoff videos: Here are two bonus videos, a second landing at Aerie without the slip so my head is not in the way, and a sunset cruising around flight with my buddy's Legend Cub
  14. An LED landing light will make a world of difference. The factory Halogen light consumes 80W of power. The LED I replaced mine with is 11W. I now keep my landing light on all the time and the electric system doesn't even notice. FD-USA will sell you an approved LED light with MRA (though overpriced).
  15. 51" is 2" more than current CT models. A small bump, but not earth-shattering. And space and useful load are usually negatively correlated, you rarely get both at the same time. I wonder if the F2 had design requirements to be able to move to higher weights in anticipation of any LSA rules changes...
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