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  1. Hi Andy I have read many of your informative posts on CTFlier. Due to FD no longer supporting the CTSW, I am also at a point where I would like to take my CTSW to ESLA. I understand you done well on your Operating Limitations etc. Perhaps you could send me a copy of yours and any tips you may have for me. I live near ILM in NC so I guess one would have to use a DAR in this area. Last Friday I earned my LSRM-A license at Blue Ridge Community College VA.

    We met Edsel Ford (no kidding) there, when he addressed our class. He is the FAAs top guru on SLSAs and ELSAs. He is the one I understand who writes the rules. He informed us that if one took an SLSA to ELSA and at a later time when you were selling it you can return it to SLSA by a simple endorsement if everything was returned to original SLSA standards. That was news to me. 

    Thanks in advance 

    Oliver Downey LSRM-A


    (516) 817-4299