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  1. FlyingMonkey

    Two More Failed Ignition Modules

    Could you disconnect the modules individually at the engine to test starting?
  2. FlyingMonkey

    Two More Failed Ignition Modules

    Yeah, the "two for one" special was great...if you took advantage. Unfortunately, the timing of my failure means I missed it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not pissed off about this. Just more mildly annoyed that what is essentially a motorcycle ignition costs $1000 each. A fully programmable electronic dual ignition for a race car that does a lot more than our modules costs less than $600, and a CDI for a Ducati motorcycle that is similar to ours (and from the same manufacturer) costs $60-250...but they don't say "aviation" on them.
  3. FlyingMonkey

    Two More Failed Ignition Modules

    I thought aboutit, but if it didn’t work I’d be out over $500 and would still have to buy new modules. I just don’t know enough about their process or success rate. Lockwood says they have never been able to get into the modules; Joe even said he destryoed a bandsaw blade trying to cut into the case on one.
  4. FlyingMonkey

    Two More Failed Ignition Modules

    That might be the case, but according to Lockwood if only one fails, often the engine won’t start cold because a single plug per cylinder raises the start rpm higher than the starter/battery can turn the prop. So it was worth a shot. Also, conventional wisdom on the board has often been that if one fails you have to replace both, because the old modules are not compatible with soft start modules due to timing differences. Lockwood confirms that is NOT the case, and the new modules will work fine with the old, just without soft start features. Lockwood also said they can count on one hand the number of dual module failures they have seen, and they test a LOT of modules, six pairs just this week.
  5. FlyingMonkey

    Two More Failed Ignition Modules

    Yes, originals in a 2007 CTSW with 615 hours.
  6. FlyingMonkey

    Two More Failed Ignition Modules

    Start circuit on both was failed, and one failed to shut off when sent the signal. According to Joe at Lockwood, with both start circuits firing, both plugs in each cylinder will fire and the engine will catch at ~250rpm. With only one firing, only one plug per cylinder sparks, and the engine takes more than 1000rpm to start. The battery can’t sling the prop that fast, so it usually won’t start cold, which is what I experienced. Lockwood said neither module was really acceptable to use, and recommended they both be replaced. I decided to take the advice than always be waiting for the other shoe to drop and leave me stranded. Lockwood said they have very rarely ever seen both modules fail, but clearly it happens.
  7. FlyingMonkey

    Two More Failed Ignition Modules

    Both were failed.
  8. FlyingMonkey

    Two More Failed Ignition Modules

    BTW, to add insult to injury, Lockwood told me when I specifically asked, that the new modules, $1016 each, have NO warranty. They said "If they fail quickly we'll try to work with you on them to help you out, but there's no fixed warranty period."
  9. FlyingMonkey

    Two More Failed Ignition Modules

    I have been having issues starting the engine on my CT. If it sat for more than a few days, it would not cold start. The engine would crank and turn normally, but would never catch. I found a workaround for local flying by hitting the ignition modules with a heat gun for 30 seconds. After that the engine always caught on the first blade. With Page coming up, I figured I had better investigate further. At Roger's suggestion I sent both modules off to Lockwood for them to test; apparently they are the only shop in the USA with a full-on Rotax testing setup. The result is both modules failed. Both were very late starting, and one of them also had the issue of not shutting down when commanded to do so (safety risk!). So the bottom line is there are two more modules for the scrap heap, and my my wallet is crying. The only upside is that I will get some of the softstart benefits from the new modules. And I'm still shocked at how many of these modules fail without any acknowledgement from Rotax of an issue. Solid state, sealed ignition units should be more reliable than mechanical magnetos, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. 100% failure rate in less than 600 hours in my case.
  10. FlyingMonkey

    CTSW - climbed to 17,000' this morning

    Did you buzz them?
  11. FlyingMonkey

    Tantalizing new engines

    They also sell a lot of engines to the military for drones, so some of that might be in their thinking too. 915iS is just about perfect for high altitude drone flights, and the military doesn't really care what it costs.
  12. FlyingMonkey

    Tantalizing new engines

    38% more is significant. You have to look at what benefit it's providing for that $10k, not just the monthly cost. I don't want to spend $65/month on something that will buy me a knot or two, or increase my climb 50fpm. Benefit per dollar is the real question, and we don't know the answer yet.
  13. FlyingMonkey

    Tantalizing new engines

    Agreed. Fewer will want a $36k engine when they can get a new Titan IO-360 for $26k. I love the Rotax stuff, but they are not helping the inaccessible price of aviation.
  14. FlyingMonkey

    Tantalizing new engines

    I'm sure none of that will go in our CTs...you are just a tease, Roger!!!
  15. FlyingMonkey

    2010 CTLS For Sale

    Awesome, congrats!