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  1. Fuel Sight Tubes

    I did this based on Roger's instructions for the first time over the winter, it was easy. PRO TIP: Put one wing on the ladder and have your buddy hold the other wing tip up until the spar pins are out. If you try to put ladders under both wings before pulling the spar pins out, the geometry is all wrong and both ladders won't fit under the airplane. Ask me how I know...
  2. Fuel Sight Tubes

    You should be pulling the wings every couple of years anyway, once they are out a bit the tubes are a cinch to change. Just plan on changing them out with every wing pull.
  3. Heater control Removal

    Thanks guys.
  4. Heater control Removal

    If the puck/spring assembly comes out, how hard is it to get back in afterwards? I assume it's inside the plastic block, putting pressure on the shaft perpendicular to shaft travel. I could see that as a real PITA to reinstall...
  5. Heater control Removal

    Hmm...they must be *tight*, I could not get mine to unscrew. I was afraid to put too much more into it for fear of damaging them.
  6. Heater control Removal

    Hey all... I need to remove my heater controls (cabin & carb heat knobs) to relocate them for my iFly panel upgrade. I can't tell from the maintenance manual if the knobs come off the shafts, or if I will have to remove the cables from the back of the shafts and then pull them out. Can somebody who has done it (Corey, Tom, Roger...) tell me the best way to proceed? Thanks!
  7. Glide Ratio

    When I was still learning my CT's behavior, I preferred an idle of around 1600-1650. I never had any problem with keeping it running, just with gearbox noise. On the ground I'd give it a little throttle to keep the RPM above the yellow, but I liked the lower residual thrust at idle when landing as it helped me manage the energy better. Now that I'm more skilled at approach and landing in the CT and managing speed and energy, I set the idle around 1800rpm, which I think is pretty typical for CTs.
  8. Garmin 797 Update

    Interesting, the full bundle for a 496 single update for everything is over $300.
  9. Garmin 797 Update

    Doesn't the 796 have wifi? If so, it should connect to your Garmin account (time to set one up if you don't have one) and update online via the web.
  10. 100LL questions

    Ha, you two aren't even on the radar, but feel free to keep at it...
  11. 100LL questions

    It's all good. I know I have a tendency to sound very pointed and abrasive when I'm countering posts I disagree with, like I did to Fred's post above. But I'm really not getting angy about it, I just have a perverse need to poke at things. I should probably use smileys more... I hope Fred and others realize that and don't take it too personally. I have had a lot of interactions with Fred on here and think he's a fine person and pilot. I can count on two fingers the folks on this forum that really annoyed me, and neither of them is here anymore.
  12. 100LL questions

    You think every statement on here has to be 100% verifiably accurate, facts only with no opinions, analogies, jokes, or other statements of non-fact? This is a discussion forum, not an engineering class. I agree, I don't know what you were thinking either. Welcome to the internet, by the way. Prepare to be very frustrated.
  13. 100LL questions

    Wow, lighten up a little maybe? It's an analogy, no analogy is perfect, or it would be a tautology. The analogy Roger made was: (human blood does get changed out through cellular replenishment, just not all at one time... )
  14. 100LL questions

    Warmi is correct on the intervals and percentages. I think Decalin is added at 1/2oz per ten gallons. So if you put five gallons of 100LL in the tank, add 1/4oz, even if it’s mixed with Mogas.
  15. No flaps, and low power settings in the mountains

    According to this article, the CT airfoil is a European C180 airfoil, if that helps. https://www.planeandpilotmag.com/article/flight-design-ct-best-of-the-lsas/#.WxRf9oopCf0