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    CTSW vertical sliding window

    Or the less well known doorgunner option.
  2. How about a sliding buckle in the strap, that way you could just slide the buckle to the correct position and it will catch against the friction slider. You'd have to make sure the friction on the sliding buckle is pretty tight to prevent slipping. You could also put rivets in the strap at various points. Use rivets that are small enough to pass through the friction slider when open, but not when closed. It would not be infinitely adjustable, but could switch between several set points almost instantly.
  3. FlyingMonkey

    Great Trip to Michigan!

    Hey all... My wife Kellie and I just returned from flying the CTSW from Georgia (WDR) to Michigan (RQB) and back, to visit her mom. It was Kellie's first experience with a true long cross country in the CT; previously her longest flight was about 1.2 hours. This trip was 6+ hours each way! She was a trooper, and had a really great time flying. She has hip and back issues, and we were glad she didn't get too kinked up in the airplane that long. I have a passenger footrest and I removed the passenger side stick to make it more comfortable for her. We did have some significant weather challenges. We knew there was going to be a large storm system over Cincinnati, and my plan was to divert ahead of it to the east. Unfortunately, it was dragging a lot of moisture and haze with it, and from Tennessee onward the visibility was not great, probably 6 miles. The closer we got to the storm, the worse it got. By the time we were at even latitude with the storm system, about 30 miles to the east of it, we had 900ft ceilings and 5 miles or less visibility: Right after I took the above picture I decided to pack it in and land at PKB, Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport, which is misnamed and actually in Parkersburg, WV. We lucked out and there was a restaurant there, so we ate lunch and hung out for three hours until the main force of the storm passed. There was still a lot of mist and low clouds about when we departed, but we were able to get above it and had decent visibility and legal scattered layers below us. Once we were about 40 miles north the weather improved dramatically. We had departed WDR at about 0700hrs and arrived at RQB Friday about 1700hrs. Not bad considering the long delay. Total of 6.9hr on the Hobbs because of all the back and forth picking around weather. The weather coming back was much better, this time we left also at 0700hrs and arrived home at 1330hrs, with 5.6hrs on the Hobbs. Total distance flown was 1377nm. The airplane ran perfectly and never skipped a beat. Here's a sample of our performance flying home, both pics taken at the same time: I'll take 124 knots TAS at 5300rpm any day! We found out the evening before we left that the Jefts brothers had been in town the entire time we were there! The arrived a few hours before us, and departed a few hours before we were at the airport, and we missed them by an hour or two each time. I would have loved to have had dinner with Larry and Duane (who my wife's sister went to high school with!), but it was not to be. I hope to catch up with them in Page this year!
  4. FlyingMonkey

    BRS 1350HS Rocket Kit

    I have an E-LSA, and never have to fill out an MRA. But thanks for the link! I'll at least look it over for factory guidance.
  5. They can, they are threaded onto the belts and removable.
  6. You can, or you can make an attachment point for the anti-submarine strap at the rear bulkhead or the underside of the seat. There is probably no need for it in the CT, since there's really nowhere to go in that direction unless your legs get severed...in which case you have bigger problems than sliding out from under your harness...
  7. If you want something less expensive, you can get Racequip harnesses from Jegs and Summit Racing. They are adjustable to various harness lengths, and a buddy of mine uses them in his 9 second / 140mph quarter mile race car and highly recommends them.
  8. FlyingMonkey

    New Aero Classis 4.00-6 Tire @ Desser

    Is the new tire balanced with a valve stem mark? The old one was not.
  9. FlyingMonkey

    BRS 1350HS Rocket Kit

    Will do, but will probably wait until I’m ready to do it, so I don’t forget in the meantime.
  10. FlyingMonkey

    Cargo platform for folding bike

    It's simple, two.bolts. You might have to install a quick connector for the two wires to the PTT switch. My right stick stays out most of the time, it's just easier for non-pilot passengers, especially if they are "husky".
  11. FlyingMonkey

    BRS 1350HS Rocket Kit

    I have to do the chute and rocket this year. Does anybody have a write up for the dissassembly and removal of the chute and rocket?
  12. FlyingMonkey

    Best Aviation Magazine for Sport Pilots?

    Kitplanes is the best aviation magazine for any pilot, IMO.
  13. FlyingMonkey

    Engine thrust alignment

    The cowling built with the offsets in theory should make the alignment job easier; you should be able to shim the mount until the spinner is centered in the opening with the cowl on and it should be pretty close to correct.
  14. FlyingMonkey

    New Floats from MS

    Why won't you talk about it, did you sign an NDA or something? Sounds weird, kind of the equivalent of "I know the real story, but I'm not going to tell you...go find out yourself." Very few people are willing to call about these new floats, when they are 2-4x more expensive and already have a shaky reputation in the aviation community.
  15. FlyingMonkey

    Float bowl pins

    That looks weird...I ordered a new bowl about 18 months ago, and the pins were slightly below the rim of the bowl, not *way* up high like that. Are they loose at all?
  16. FlyingMonkey

    Float bowl pins

    I put epoxy on the underside of the holes on the outside of the bowl, after one of mine became so loose than I had fuel gushing over the hot engine. It's a simple, easy thing to do, and that way if one gets very loose, at least you'll notice a seep on preflight and not fuel pouring out onto the ground when you shutdown like I did...
  17. FlyingMonkey

    Lubing the stabilator cable

    The title of this topic says "stabilator cable" but the stab moves by push rod, so you're actually talking about the two rudder cables...correct?
  18. FlyingMonkey

    Overthinking the Pattern

  19. FlyingMonkey

    Overthinking the Pattern

    If the CT came without flaps this forum would have like ten posts. 😀
  20. FlyingMonkey

    Handiflight around the world with 2 CTLS

    Thanks Jacques!
  21. FlyingMonkey

    Weight increase on our CTs?

    Now that is an unfortunate last name.
  22. FlyingMonkey

    NEW propeller for CT

    Couldn't find a price for the Durendal 100. The 4-6 blade props for trikes are $2550, but there is a not a price for the Durendal 100 three blade for our airplanes, at least that I can I can find. If it's roughly the same price as the trike prop, it's about the same as the Sensenich 68" three blade. Also in the pics of the Durendal I don't see any edge protection, which makes me a little uneasy. EDIT: I found the price on the sheet, 1460 Euro before all taxes, which comes to $1657 at current rates. After all the euro VAT and everything, it's probably $2200-2500.
  23. FlyingMonkey

    Weight increase on our CTs?

    Hmm...mine is 745lb with a similar setup (D100 and small steam engine gauges), I wonder why such a wide difference? My airplane was 735lb before a few minor upgrades like Matco wheels and brakes. IIRC, your airplane is an early 2006 airplane; mine is a mid-2007 build. Maybe they got fatter in that span, we sure know they have chunked up since then!
  24. FlyingMonkey

    Handiflight around the world with 2 CTLS

    I wish these guys well on their flights! I'm curious what survival and other gear and fuel provisions they are taking, especially for the long over-water flights. Also interested in what weights their airplanes are flying at.
  25. FlyingMonkey

    Overthinking the Pattern

    I still think this is a perception problem. If I get all wheels on the ground at 40kt at 30 flaps or 43kt at 15 flaps, I'm not flying anymore in either configuration. The extra three knots does not make the 15 flaps airplane any more susceptible to gusts or loss of control, because the stall speed is higher by the same amount. You can make the argument that those extra three knots equate to higher impact energy if you do lose control, and that's true. But it's also true that the better handling characteristics at 15 flaps in those conditions make loss of control less likely. If I have the choice of less likelihood of an incident, or slightly higher energy if one occurs, I'll take less likely every time. Ed, by this same reasoning, why are you ever landing at 30 flaps at all, and not using 40 flaps on every landing to reduce your speed/energy even further?