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  1. I wanted to go fly around the windsock this morning. When I intend pulling the dipstick, the dipstick was covered with a fuel/oil mixture, because the oil tank was filled with mogas and the mogas/oil mixure dripped slowly from the oil tank overflow/breather pipe! Further investigation showed I forgot the fuel valve in the cockpit open. This wasn't the first time however that I forgot to clsoe the fuel valve. More flooding inside the engine was discovered, even the sump was full of mogas. The leak took place over a period of two weeks and I lost approx 2 gallons of fuelduring that period. The CTLS has 127 hours on the HOBBS and fuel tanks were emptied + engine ran ndry to empty the carburators . This procedure was done for the second time in the last two years, when I did not do any flying for 3-4 months. It seems one of the seat & needles in a carburettor could be leaking, is this possible? has anybody experienced this problem before? What must I do now?