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  1. Duane and Larry Jefts fly to Panama in their Cessna 172. They also own two CTLS's. My SPOT Track
  2. CT Rat Pack out for a cruise on a non flight day. Who are those masked men?
  3. I have been following this topic for a while. I have watched many a CT and other LSA aircraft get a hose change and my 2006 CTSW has been done as well with the same hose. It seems like the people that have actually never done a hose change seem bent on blaming the hose. The experienced mechanics here seem to use the same hose, but don't have the problems. If you listen to most of them they'll tell you it is the install technique that is bad. I think after watching these guys work I'll put my money on the experienced installers that have been doing this procedure time and time again without any issues. They have actually performed a lot of these and aren't pointing any fingers at the hose. Looks like teaching new installers a better way is the key. Maybe the the first timers should be talking and asking questions of the experienced mechanics about the hose change and not taking it for granted it's an easy job. There must be a reason all of the experienced guys aren't having all these issues. From what I have seen with all the hose changes at my field Charlie Tango's was an installation issue. He should just have that mechanic read and re-due the fuel hose. For about $60 in hose, $20 in clamps and 4 hours or so of labor it would be done. Issue solved.
  4. The Lord was the One who protected You !! Thank Him !!
  5. Hi Jim's, I don't think the Safety Officer is who you think. He stopped over at my field once in Mississippi. He was very helpful in getting my engine running smoothly.
  6. I have had that hose since last June. No issues. If it was me I would just take a look the the gascolator and carb bowls. If ethanol was going to be an issues it happens right away not months or a year later.
  7. Hello !!!!!!! Bye now

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