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  1. 1Motoshop once again has brake pads (GOLDfren 905) for the Marc brakes. Not sure how many so if you are in need, I would order soon.
  2. Check out Blue Ridge Community College in VA. They usually have Rotax classes there around the time of the LSRM class.
  3. Yes the GoldFren 905 brake pads are correct and will fit. They are not riveted and match perfectly with the original pads.
  4. CT_MATT

    Port Clinton 2019

    I’m in unless my schedule doesn’t allow!
  5. Put-in-bay 2019 sounds like a great plan. It’s been too long since we all caught up
  6. I got mine with extra long webbing and used the metal webbing clips. I have plenty of adjustment... Mark’s are a few inches small around the waist and we are not big guys... otherwise they are great!
  7. I have done this many times and it works great. Those suction cups really hold!
  8. https://www.1motoshop.com/small-aircraft-brakes/866-goldfren-aircraft-brake-pads-905ad.html?search_query=905&results=15
  9. Antisept, what are the wear limits of the rotor? I have not been able to find a reference anywhere...
  10. I used Crow for my LS and can say it was worth every penny. Still have the originals in case it was ever an issue down the road.
  11. Yes thanks! I spoke with Garmin and they were able to point me in the right direction. (Its the green wire in the GDL39 leg). It will certainly make the installation much easier.
  12. Thanks for the link but in the wiring harness that I am using (not bare wire) which leg would the orange wire be in, the main wire bundle or the branch to the gdl 39?
  13. I am looking to wire a new 796 and GDL 39 utilizing the harness below makes this a fairly plug and play setup however, I need to find the GPS out signal in this harness. I believe it is in the leg to the GDL39 but I don’t want to assume. Short of calling garmin I haven’t been able to find a clear answer. Anyone know?
  14. Thanks Tom that is helpful! Anyone else? Pictures of the final panel layout?
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