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  1. CT_MATT

    Safety Belts - Revisted

    I used Crow for my LS and can say it was worth every penny. Still have the originals in case it was ever an issue down the road.
  2. CT_MATT

    Garmin 496 to 696

    Yes thanks! I spoke with Garmin and they were able to point me in the right direction. (Its the green wire in the GDL39 leg). It will certainly make the installation much easier.
  3. CT_MATT

    Garmin 496 to 696

    Thanks for the link but in the wiring harness that I am using (not bare wire) which leg would the orange wire be in, the main wire bundle or the branch to the gdl 39?
  4. CT_MATT

    Garmin 496 to 696

    I am looking to wire a new 796 and GDL 39 utilizing the harness below makes this a fairly plug and play setup however, I need to find the GPS out signal in this harness. I believe it is in the leg to the GDL39 but I don’t want to assume. Short of calling garmin I haven’t been able to find a clear answer. Anyone know?
  5. CT_MATT

    Garmin 496 to 696

    Thanks Tom that is helpful! Anyone else? Pictures of the final panel layout?
  6. CT_MATT

    Garmin 496 to 696

    So nobody on the site has done this upgrade??? In talking to FD USA it sounded like many have already... maybe they are not active forum members.
  7. CT_MATT

    Garmin 496 to 696

    I am interested in this same swap as well. This is part of my ADSB upgrade plan along with the GDL-82 and GDL-39. Is this your plan Al?
  8. CT_MATT

    Wing Inspection

    I have changed mine without pulling the wings and as Roger said it is a PITA even after changing the clamp screws to SHCS. I mainly run 93 octane with ethanol and they get difficult to see after about a year...
  9. I lined most of my old hanger with used cement pavers. Worked very well and I was able to add to them as I acquired more over time.
  10. CT_MATT

    Engine failure today and forced landing.

    Maybe this will help understand the fuel system of a CT (granted this is for an CTLS).
  11. Folks that are anywhere close to Virginia should really look into this. The expense of the class will more than pay itself off over a few yearly inspections...
  12. CT_MATT

    Compliance Log?

    I have created a binder that is essentially my compliance log. Inside are copies of all of the SN, SA, and SB's with an index for each section showing when they were complied with. I also keep my log books in this same binder. Very handy for annuals and verifying compliance (easy to see what has been newly added since last time).
  13. CT_MATT

    Aero Classic 4.00x6 6 ply tires

    I have experienced the exact same thing that Tom has pictured on at least 3 tires now. I also balance the same way that he does (tire/wheel fully mounted) but, you do need to be sure the brake pads are not rubbing (Marc brakes). Have done this several times now and it seems to work very well. These tires are definitely very soft, not always of the best quality, and I have not seen one that didn't need some weight to balance.
  14. CT_MATT

    Cellular Power Plug Control

    My sim plan is through Truphone. Has worked perfectly until the new year. I was using a homemade relay that can handle the higher load for a heater since the switch that I have would not handle it. I'm just wondering if the switchbox and uphoneit are the only options or if others have found something else?
  15. CT_MATT

    Cellular Power Plug Control

    So I believe that this has affected my setup. What is the solution??? Is a different SIM card a solution or do i need a new switch box compatible with this new network?