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  1. I will toss out my thoughts since my pitch trim wheel is EXTREMELY stiff and has been since I inherited it 700+ hours ago. The aileron and rudder trim move extremely easily. I dont futz with the trim because of this and it goes against what I was taught as well. The difference in trimmed vs not trimmed pressure for me is minimal and as MEH has mentioned, I just fly the plane...
  2. I had that problem where the valve was stuck partially causing noticeable power loss at high RPM. After I resolved the issue, I avoid using carb heat until the need arises.
  3. Very nice! Definitely awesome to see up close.
  4. I got my CDL with one of the earlier 13 speed roadranger transmissions. Not my favorite as it had a ton of play even when in gear and it was unforgiving if you missed a change. Although I never drove it as much as my old man, he was able to finesse it back in if he missed. Just worked on the air valve for the range selector, after 40 years it was corroded and finally needed replaced.
  5. This is right below the carb drip trays. Is it possible there was a leak that spilled over, burned off (causing the paint to blister), then all looks fine again?
  6. My plane was run exclusively on 100LL until I purchased and the bowls has some minor corrosion. I have seen the carbs (912 and the 2 stroke 503 dual carb) completely covered in condensation after a quick short flight. Likely the same on the inside. With ethanol, this gets harmlessly absorbed. Without it sits in the bottom and causes corrosion (100LL or ethanol free will both do this). I have been running 93 MoGas (with ethanol) almost exclusively for 6+ years and have never seen this since then. Pros and cons to both fuels but, most experts believe that long term, ethanol is better than lead.
  7. CT_MATT


    Definitely a surreal sight that I hope doesn’t last much longer. Kind of a once in a lifetime experience.
  8. Sounds like a good idea! A few of us have talked about doing this but it never really happened. I am interested and Saturdays are usually good. I’m in western PA just north of Pittsburgh. Several of us (CTs) have been to Put n Bay for a casual get together. Might be busy on a Saturday though...
  9. CT_MATT


    No I missed out on that flight as we were at our camp checking on things after winter. I have been wanting to do a touch & go (or 3) at PIT just to say that I did. It’s been eerily quiet. I’m with Mark, get out there fly! Gas is practically free. My wife and I have done several sightseeing flights and even one to an airport that we were able to hike directly from. Be safe out there!
  10. 1Motoshop once again has brake pads (GOLDfren 905) for the Marc brakes. Not sure how many so if you are in need, I would order soon.
  11. Check out Blue Ridge Community College in VA. They usually have Rotax classes there around the time of the LSRM class.
  12. Yes the GoldFren 905 brake pads are correct and will fit. They are not riveted and match perfectly with the original pads.
  13. CT_MATT

    Port Clinton 2019

    I’m in unless my schedule doesn’t allow!
  14. Put-in-bay 2019 sounds like a great plan. It’s been too long since we all caught up
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