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  1. 7th. Annual 2013 Page, AZ Fly-In

    Have Greg Solove to do his pattern routine. A real eye opener.
  2. Reiff Heater

    Have the Tanis on my Rotax. Tanis claims 70 degrees above ambient in about 1 hour. I leave mine on 24 hours during winter months which is not a problem according to Tanis.
  3. I no longer have the CT but the last time I did the Page flyin from Albuquerque I flew NW to near Farmington and west through Monument Valley to Lake Powell and south to Page. Spectular scenary. Have Fun Arnold
  4. CTSW crash with deployment of BRS

    If I remember correectly (and I am pretty old) he has the recorded 1st perfect game.
  5. Those last five knots....

    Maybe I'm missing something here Jim, but I've yet to find to much helpful information concerning the CT on the Cessna forum or any other for that matter. Maintenance issues from Roger and flying technique from others have been most helpful.
  6. Winter flying

    Clear packing tape
  7. S-LSA to E-LSA

    I'm wanting to change to Experimental. Could you please spell out the procedure I would have to go through. Arnold
  8. Ctsw fuel dipstick improvement

    I had mine powder coated black. My wife loves it (oh wait, I'm divorced).
  9. suggestion

    With Money
  10. Costs of Flying

    I refuse to look at the costs, it scares me.
  11. Foreflight update available

    Downloaded it yesterday and will try it out tomorrow. Eric, are you using the ipad as a kneeboard or do you have it mounted. I trying to figure out a good mount. Arnold
  12. Flying with Attitude

    I've recently purchased a Rans S-7LS (still flying the CTSW to). The panel is very basic steam and I am learning again to fly more by visuals outside the cockpit and the sound of the engine. It's been a great experience and I do really like how it's helping with my CT skills. Flying a tail wheel is no different than a tri gear, taxi, takeoff and landing however are very much different. Lot's of fun.
  13. CT crash in Cheshire, CT

    My procedure is to turn on carb heat on downwind prior to turning base and to turn it off on short final. The reason for turning it off on short final is in case you have to go around becuse it reduces power and is not good for the engine at full throttle trying to gain altitude.
  14. Lets see your best LSA ground speed!

    My best was 168 kts bringing the plane back from CA. 4 hours flat from Palm Springs to Albuquerque.

    Update on ipad. Flew to Tucson from Albuquerque yesterday. GPS reception was flawless and the moving map sectional is outstanding. Altitude to Tucson @10,500. Returned via South West and lost satelite reception at 35,000'. Not a problem in the CT.