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  1. It is my home base, I'll be there on Saturday. Tom says they will be there with FD or parent company's Gyrocopters and airplanes. Cheers
  2. Talked to Tom over the weekend, apparently the C4 will be out very soon, he also told me you will see Gyrocopters at FD.'s booth , at Sun and Fun. Cheers
  3. Yes it was Breezy and the "Tower" was asking Pilots to land on RNWY 1 with a tail wind. I asked for 14 and got it. Landing with such brisk winds was mildly chalenging but not dangerous, if you know what you are doing. It was a good show. Spoke with Tom and John. Outlook for FD is good. Cheers
  4. I fly the airplane to the runway, as slow as I can make it and retain rudder control, sometimes slow is relatively fast, depending on cross winds . Touch the runway with the main wheels, again depending on cross winds maybe one side first then the other, or both at the same time. Delay nose wheel touch down depending on directional stability and decrease in rudder effectiveness as I slow down. Then, specially in significant winds, I keep "flying" the aircraft to the hangar, using wheels rudder and ailerons for directional stability. Haven't damaged the aircraft, or any of it's components in 4 years, so It works for me. Done it so many times that I do not have to stop and think it through anymore, it is automatic. Cheers
  5. Yes I'll fly in, with a pilot friend, on N920CT. I usually check in with Tom and John , at the display center. I think my brother's AC. might be there too. N365CT. See you then. Cheers
  6. Yes, plan to fly in from Lakeland as well on Saturday. Cheers
  7. Wild Air ,at KLAL, (Lakeland , Forida, Sun and Fun airport), is where I have my CT serviced and where I got my flying instruction from. Owned by Randy Wildman. Cheers
  8. Ding , Ding , Ding ! We have a Winner ! Marketing is partly to blame. Just read the article in Flying Mag. , Jan. 2017. "This kind of flying is what the Icon A 5 is made for" Picture shows aircraft wing low a few feet over the water. A cartwheel waiting to happen. It is not a toy. Cheers
  9. I think you mentioned that sometime ago and I have been doing this ever since. Yes it cools down the engine compartment much quicker. Cheers
  10. Yes I think that is what the CTLSi needs. Cheers
  11. Simpler starting procedure, no need to keep engine in the blue on the Dynon, The carburated version feels lighter and more maneuverable to me. Also the fuel injected versions seems to get overheated easily in the Florida weather. Cheers
  12. Having flown both versions, CTLS and CTLSi, if I were to replace my carburated aircraft for a newer model, I would choose a carburated model, again. They are still being made. I saw a brand new AeroJones produced carburated model, 6 mo. ago. Cheers.
  13. I had a similar experience , and in my case, it ended up being a sensor problem. Cheers
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