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  1. Garmin 496 with xm weather not getting TFRs

    We do have a subscription. I called them and somehow our Xm antenna had lost their signal. They refreshed it and now the TFRs are popping up again. So if anyone loses your XM weather or radio, just call SiriusXM, and they will refresh the signal to your antenna and things should be fine again.
  2. Garmin 496 with xm weather not getting TFRs

    I have a Garmin 496 GPS with XM Weather. Lately we have noticed that we are not receiving TFRs on the screen. We have always had TFRs pop up on the screen before. Have I accidentally change a setting? Anyone know what might be the problem? Thanks, Robin
  3. Updates for Garmin 496

    How often should I download updates to my 496? And what is the current update from Garmin for the 496? Thanks.
  4. Has anyone come across whether or not my GTX330 can be retrofitted or upgraded by Garmin to comply with ADSB-Out? Or any other company that provides an upgrade or retrofit to the GTX330. I already have XM weather and traffic on my Garmin 496, so undecided if I need to bother with ADSB-In. Thoughts?
  5. Rudder trim wheel

    Thanks all.
  6. Radio background noise - SL40

    Thanks all.
  7. Radio background noise - SL40

    Thanks. Will check the ground.
  8. Radio background noise - SL40

    Hi Roger, do you have a good contact number or person for this issue so I don't have to wind my way through the entire Garmin world? Robin
  9. Rudder trim wheel

    Hi Roger. I can move the indicator to the right with my fingers, then it just sits there when I move the wheel to the left towards neutral.. Robin
  10. Radio background noise - SL40

    Thanks Roger. I will contact Garmin. This is a new thing. Never had this trouble before. Although the radio is about seven years old now. Robin
  11. Rudder trim wheel

    Hi. Noticed recently that when I trim the rudder all the way to the right with the rudder trim wheel, the trim indicator inside the plane does not go past neutral and seems to just be real loose beyond that point. I checked what was happening outside with the actual rudder when I roll the rudder trim wheel all the way to the right, and the actual rudder seems to stay in the neutral position as well. Then I rolled the rudder trim wheel all the way to the left, and the indicator moved all the way to the left inside the plane and the actual rudder also moves left. Hmmmmm. So it seems I have no right rudder trim to speak of. Hmmm. Any thoughts what is going on here? Thanks, Robin
  12. Radio background noise - SL40

    Hi Was flying the other day and started getting a background hollow sound in my headset during radio calls when pushing the push to talk button. It is a Garmin SL40. The noise is heard in both the pilot and passenger headsets. I did a radio check in the air and on the ground, and my transmissions are being heard clearly, although one person said they were hearing some noise in the background too. I am hearing other airplane transmissions without this added noise. Just this irritating background noise when I transmit. Tried the squelch, but did not make a difference. Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks! Robin
  13. TruTrak Digiflight II VS Calibration

    Thanks for all the great replies! Really appreciate it.
  14. Airspeed Calibration Chart

    Perfect! Thanks!
  15. We were having problems with our TruTrak and it went back to TruTrak for repair. TT did a complete over haul of the unit, including install of a new "mother board" in the unit. We have now had it reinstalled in our CTSW. Question. It is ready to fly "out of the box" or do I need to "calibrate" or set it up some how before using it in flight. If so, what might that entail? PS: TruTrak was excellent in its service and efficiency in solving our problems and getting the unit back to us quickly.