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  1. Instead of asking others what works for them, you should get your instructor, go up to a safe altitude in your plane, find a straight road to follow, set a "hard floor" altitude as a simulated runway and then try slips in various configurations and find out what works for YOU. Then practice slips until you're comfortable with them.
  2. 15.4.7 is the latest Dynon update but I believe you will need to check with Flight Design if you can use it. All Dynon updates are available here: https://www.dynonavionics.com/software-overview.php
  3. Water in the line trapped and flowing in such a way that it shuts off the airflow when you're not level.
  4. There is a setting that needs to be changed on the Skyview to use the 2020. It's listed in the installation manual.
  5. Private ASEL since 1968, Instrument rating. First solo was in a glider
  6. CT, I'm glad you decided to return! Missed you around here.
  7. Instead of doing a mid-field cross over when approaching from the "wrong" side of the runway, I will often do an entry into the upwind leg at pattern altitude, then crosswind, then downwind. This is especially useful at short fields and also eliminates the "blind" turn to a 45 and we can all see everyone.
  8. OK. I'll ask the question differently. Are there any airports that have a compass rose?
  9. Corey, Thank you for responding. I may be especially thick today but how would that help? Unless my own compass has been certified as accurate at that location, how can I lay out an accurate rose? I'm not a surveyor nor do I have certified equipment. Using my own compass from the camping department would be no more accurate then using the aviation compass out of the box without compensation or a compass card. And, yes, I know about using a brass screwdriver and having everything in the plane running so it is as much like flying as possible. I've been flying for almost 50 years and I've adjusted compasses before but I've always had an airport compass rose available which takes into account buildings and other local magnetic anomalies. Brian
  10. Didn't know what forum was best for this so I will post it here. I have a new magnetic compass installed. I need to do a calibration/compass card for it. Where can one find a list of airports that have an accurate compass rose? I've looked in the AFD; there is no list in the back of the book (at least the one I have) like the listing for VOR check points. I have looked at specific airports that I seem to remember having a compass rose a decade ago but they don't have any indication of having one now. Either they no longer have one or the AFD doesn't list it. So, how can one find a compass rose? Thanks for your help. Brian
  11. Marc, If you can change the 15 degree setting to read 20, have you tried to set the 0 degree setting to read 1?
  12. Decades ago when I took my private flight test the examiner asked why i didn't make more use of trim. We were in a Cessna 150. He then proceeded to demonstrate its benefits by flying an entire pattern using ONLY trim and no elevator. The point stuck and I use trim constantly.
  13. Thank you, Opticsguy! You answered my question. In those circumstances I would have done the same.
  14. I'm with Charlie Tango that "there is no speed limit that we have to worry about." Except for Vne which is redline on the ASI. And we should be careful flying in the yellow arc and only do so in smooth air. Groundspeed (and GPS) can be anything. Indicated airspeed= 100kts; in a 100 kts headwind = 0 kts groundspeed or you can do a 180 and go at 200 kts.
  15. Why did you have to "keep the speed down?" You would only need to do so if you were approaching Vne. Were you getting that fast? The LSA 120kt speed limit in the FAR's is a certification limit and applies at sea level. TAS at altitude would usually be faster. At least this is my understanding. Brian
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