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  1. The website is back up. The cost of the watch is 832€, which according to Google with current exchange rates as of the time of this posting is $987.33. An absolute bargain for something so amazing. Something which symbolizes your love of aviation and the future of light aviation. Something you can wear proudly as you watch the Flight Design name develop into a staple of aviation.
  2. AOPA article 12/21/17

  3. It's probably just down temporarily due to all the traffic from people wanting these watches. Check back in a few hours.
  4. Here's what we have so far: http://flightdesignusa.com/how-to-buy/locate-a-dealer/
  5. Need a watch? Need...ANOTHER watch? (One is never enough). Flight Design has unveiled its new wrist watch! See the link below for details. https://www.flightdesign.com/flight-design-30-limited-edition-pilot-watch/
  6. Thanks to both of you. You're on the map. I want to make it clear that we're looking for anyone who provides flight training in a CT series aircraft. If you're reading this and you just "know a guy", then please put the information here.
  7. I updated my original post. Please provide full contact details (address, business name, website, phone number). Thanks!
  8. Hello everyone. Please forgive me if this has already been done. We're currently working on making our service center/dealer/flight training center map up to date and accurate. I'm reaching out here hoping to get a list of known operating training centers around the country. So if you, or anyone you know of, runs a flight school which uses a CT, please post it here in a reply. I think it will also be good to have all of this in one place on this site as well. Perhaps it can be a pinned post? But that's up to the admin. Please provide the contact info of your training center (address, phone, website), as well as the business name and airport identifier. If it's an individual, then the individual's name is fine, but still need the identifier and contact info. Thank you.
  9. Dynon just released SkyView 12.0

    Hi, It is correct that I've been told that by Feb. 1 the release of ver. 11.1 will be out for updating the existing fleet. It is correct that newer planes being delivered do have ver. 11.1 and such would not suffer any conflicts from prior versions. It is NOT correct that FD GmbH will void your warranty. It is a matter of being in compliance with the rules laid out for LSA. As you know Tom here at FD USA has always "had your back" with ANY warranty issue even when it was clearly not covered when he felt it wasn't a direct cause by a customer, most of whom wouldn't ask because of a underlining "personal responsibility" FD USA & FD GmbH has, and will always support it's customer base. Please disregard any comments made to the contrary. All you have to do is call, For Tom P., Matt F., Natasha and myself, Dave
  10. Leaking hose clamps in the winter

    Yes, that's correct. They are Constant Tension type clamps. Dave Armando
  11. Dynon Skyview V10

    Hi, I just wanted to dispel any questions on this. FD GmbH has produced and is flight testing the latest software version 11.1. It is at Dynon for final vetting now. The POH Supplements are in final review. I would estimate that in November they will be released. If you wish to switch to the touch screen, each aircraft will required an individual MRA, found on our website under support, which is submitted to myself. (TopService@FlightDesignUSA.com) The cost is $ 150.00 for the production, filing, and permanent record storage. Thank you, Dave Armando FD USA
  12. Article about Flight Design growth

    It's business as usual at the factory. Unless things really escalate it will not be effected.
  13. Article about Flight Design growth

    The factory is in Kherson, Ukraine. North of Crimea and in Ukraine Proper.
  14. Skyview updates from FD

    Hi Tom, You are correct. FD has been in favor of this update since the beginning and has provided most of the feed back and data to Rotax to expedite this release. We had hoped to get this installed prior to any customer deliveries. But ultimately it is Rotax who has the final say when it is to be released. FD also played a large part in the Teflon hose exemption. Our goal is always to provide a responsible, safety minded approach to all requests and to minimize the expense to our owners if possible. Dave Armando D.O.M. Flight Design USA