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  1. Jnowak

    Cold start... again

    Thanks Roger - it happens only a couple of times per year that I would start in temperatures like that - do you still recommend it? When do you actually use it? Any time temp drops below freezing? Thanks again. Jack.
  2. Jnowak

    Cold start... again

    We are experiencing rough winter in Europe right now - temperatures of -10 Celsius (14 F). Rotax manual allows for start at -20 provided that the oil can handle that, yet I recall reading that it can damage the engine if not pre-heated. We have planes in non heated hangar. Any comments/advice appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Jnowak

    2018 CT’s

    VAT (Value Added Tax) is a tax that is added basically on every purchase of goods or services in EU. It varies among the countries but it would be roughly 20% +/- a few percent depending on where you live. It does not apply to exporting purchased goods (will be refunded) in case you buy goods in EU and export it as a private person. In this case it would mean buying the plane from a distributor in Europe, registering the callsign in the country of purchase and bringing it abroad (does not make too much sense to me). I believe you need to look at US distributor and US price.
  4. I got this error message yesterday, does not go off when recycling avionics. ADAHRS Internal Error + Single ADAHRS. Besides the error message everything works. I called Dynon - they advice to send them the module (I live in Europe). I assume this maybe actually a software problem. Anyone has experience or idea how to fix it?I have CTLS Jubilee, no analog backup. Not sure if it is safe to fly to check this at the service? Thanks for advice! Cheers. Jacek.
  5. Thanks a lot everyone that is quite helpful. The question remains - how much is enough? Is there a way to find out what is the right level of back pressure to lift the nosewheel? I am not realy sure it is up until I feel that the plane wants to fly. I did most of flying on DA 40 where lifting the nosewheel is not part of the procedure (though most recently met a CFI who puts the back pressure on the stick and waits till the plane lifts off). If I pressure too much before taking off can I stall the plane...?
  6. Not sure how much is enough - I apply back pressure during rollout on take off only gently - I did that one time too much and the plane took off before I think it should have. I have low time on CTLS and not sure what to look for. Any thoughts?
  7. Jnowak

    Garmin 795 database update

    Thank you all that is really helpful!
  8. How do I connect Garmin 795 to a PC for database update in CTLS (I have Jubilee)? Does it have accessible connector like Skyview or do I need to take it off the panel? Thanks! Jack.
  9. Thank you 100Hamburger, this make sense. I have PPL for complex planes and CTLS is certainly far from that even with constant speed prop. You are right with economics - that makes sense in case I stay longer - it was actualy intention of my question. My biggest issue is PtF - this is a weird sort of certifying planes in Europe - in fact I planned to have full certification (ELA - FD still managed to get restricted typ certificate for this plane in EU) but that was happening when FD was going under water and it was too risky. I will consult FSDO, thanks.
  10. I wondered if anyone has experience or could direct me to the source where I can get this information. I live in Europe and have CTLSi registered in Germany. The plane has EASA Permit to Fly (PtF) certificate. It is variable pitch constant speed prop version - it does not conform to US LSA specs. I am relocated to the USA for business reasons and I want to get (ship) the plane over here for a couple of months. I have both US and EASA PPL. Do you know if a plane under PtF is allowed to fly here and what additional paperwork is needed? Thanks in advance. Jack.
  11. Jnowak

    2015 Annual Page, AZ Fly-In

    Hello there if anyone has free space in the cockpit and needs a co-pilot please let me know! I follow this forum for a while an would love to meet some of you in person. And obviously to enjoy the event. I live in Austria so the only option for me would be to join one of you. I fly here a CTLS and Diamonds and have current FAA PPL VFR/ IFR single and multiengine. Thanks in advance! Jack.
  12. Hello there, I wondered whether anyone would have power setting table for CTLSi? There is one in Rotax Operator's Manual (chapter 5, Performance data) but I am not sure it applies to all aircraft with this engine. The table does not show what the power setting at different altitudes is - I might think that ECU does the job but I am not sure. I have also another question to someone with more expertise on this engine. I have access to a rented plane and occasionally I see that RPM gets unstable. It oscillates up to +/- 200 RPM at and above 4500. It gets stabilised after some workout with MP and/or RPM but I am not sure it is normal. I spoke to Rotax - they exchanged MP sensors and things got better (they were worse before). Thanks in advance.