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  1. Olarry

    Port Clinton 2019

    I'm in! olarry
  2. Olarry

    C 4 Update

    Anyone hear or know anything new about the Flight Design C 4 project?
  3. Also wonder what's going to happen to those of us who had a position for the C4?
  4. I wonder if he had an autopilot? Looks like the same scenario that happened to Young Kennedy a few years ago. If they would use the autopilot, it minimizes the chance of pilot disorientation when ground reference is lost. Sad outcome never the less.
  5. Nice trip report. What kind of bike and how did you pack it in the plane?
  6. I did get a battery maintainer with the plane. Unfortunately, it was a European version and not able to plug into our wall plugs. No adapter available. Flight design USA sent me an Optimate 5 that I'm currently using. My battery is the Lithium Iron lightweight version and I have it connected all the time the plane is not flying. My hanger lost power the other evening is the reason for my initial question.
  7. Anyone know if any draw or damage is done to a battery if a connected battery maintainer or trickle charger loses it's power source overnight?
  8. Yes it is a repost but obviously, I enjoy rereading as N 221 LS is my plane. As an update, I now have 170 trouble free hours on it and yesterday complied with the chute hatch inspection and found it to be installed correctly. Still love the plane. Larry
  9. WOW! And I thought my recent flight from Fl to Mi was long. I'm impressed!
  10. As a follow up to my earlier post today, Ft Myers Fl to Jackson Mi, ( long cross country) I stated my fuel burn was 5 gal/ hr. After calculating fuel used and time flown, the actual number is 4.8 gal per hour which jives with what I was seeing on my fuel flow gauge at about 5350 RPM'S. True air speeds were 117 to 120 kts. Fuel usage would have been better but I made several climbs and descents trying to find smoother air. My plane is a Jubilee edition delivered in Jan 2014 and now has 134.4 hrs TT. I had the sport engine upgrade done by Lockwood during it's annual in December. They repitched the prop and at gross weight you can really feel the increase in climb performance when comparing to the factory setting. This probably increases the fuel usage a little relative to speed but I like it much better. As for flying in Florida during the winter month's, you better get going early if wanting to fly low because as the ground heats up and the winds pick up, it's like the the gentleman from Georgia stated, it gets real bumpy until you get above 3 to 4000 feet most of the time.
  11. Flew my CTLSi sport back to Michgan from Ft Myers (978 miles) last Friday as this was the only day that a good window of weather opened up over the past week and would be for the next week to come. Other than Lakeland that was IFR early (went over the top at 6500) sky's were mostly clear all the way. Due to 10 to 20 kt headwinds, I decided to head to West Georgia Regional CTJ after LAL rather than Athens, Ga which is a more direct route by about 28 miles but lower MEA'S with the idea of staying low to minimize the headwind effect. WRONG! The ride was extremely bumpy down low forcing me to go up to altitudes of 5500 to 7500. I requested flight following from Miami and Atlanta centers but both were to busy. This was the first Time in many years of flying several makes of aircraft, that I made such a long flight without talking to someone. I have the dual big screen Dynons and the Garmin 796 which made it easy to navigate,avoid control areas and see traffic and weather along my route. The Dynon auto pilot performed flawlessly as I only made the one stop at CTJ for mogas. The two legs were abut four and a half hours each and my past endurance has been around three hours, so this was a long time to sit in one place but it wasn't that uncomfortable as I didn't drink much until close to destinations if you know what I mean. A lot of gadgets to play with helped the time to pass quicker. This little plane never ceases to amaze me as most look at it as a toy but in fact, it's a very capable long distance cruiser. Fuel burn averaged 5 gal hr at 52 to 5400 rpm's.
  12. Hi Dick Nice to see you and Phil experienced a nice tailwind. Much the same as I had last fall flying down to Fl from Mi. I'll be heading back to Mi next week once the midwest weather looks more favorable. Looking forward to hooking up with you guys again.
  13. Olarry


    Hamburger.......Interesting. Originally, Rotax recommended Mobil 1 Racing 4T and then switched to Shell now your saying go back to the 4T as the best oil to use if burning Mogas? Recommended by Rotax?
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