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  1. I used to frequent this site multiple times a day, now a couple times a month. In large part because of one person (well two now, seeing as how the admin is as much the problem as the troll). There is consensus, grow a pair, end the kumbaya balogna, and deal with the troll. I'm befuddled that people (FastEddieB, MrMorden, et al) who make serious thoughtful constructive posts (that frequently correct the at times dangerous assertions of the troll) that are the heart of a useful user driven forum are being more heavily scrutinized than the problem person (100Hamburger). It's a shame we can't down-vote posts so that they are hidden.
  2. Craig

    PBOR Final

    You can fly up to 18k MSL.
  3. Craig

    Flaps to aid climbing - truth or fiction

    Well hopefully he prescribes his own medicine, and once rid of his CTLSi will summarily mute himself an a non-owner non-flyer.
  4. Craig

    Hot or Not?

    See post #95. I hate participating, but sometimes it gets so frustrating, you just have to give in and feed the troll or implode.
  5. Craig

    Hot or Not?

    Were I contemplating this, I would first find out what a replacement radiator would cost and availability?
  6. Craig

    bad carb heat design

    I suspect the Rotax having dual carbs may contribute to its lesser, though not impossible likelihood of carb ice (half the volume of air per carb vs a single carb setup)? I remember seeing carb ice for on automotive carbs w/ a common intake so all the air volume was through a single carb, but never on a motorcycle where there was 1 carb/cyl. Just a theory... and yes, I know the CTLSi is fuel injected and doesn't have this problem, and a SR22 cannot be landed with the throttle set at idle.
  7. You have no idea how much we actually do this.
  8. The only thing the magic box is missing is an output for an AutoPilot... which would have me eating my words that an iPhone, or iPad (Apple product) will never drive an AP (with Apples blessing).
  9. Craig

    Tire rotation

    I'm sure you meant decrease? Another benefit you can choose tire colors! In fact a color other than black probably makes it easy to see when they need a new coat of bedliner. I like it!
  10. Craig

    GDL-39 and SKYVIEW

    That's always been my understanding. Garmin only plays with Garmin. Now thinking about it, not entirely true, since a Garmin GPS can drive other AP's, but that's because it output is industry standard (ARINC?)... I'm actually way outside my realm of knowledge here... probably shouldn't have replied. So, Garmin mostly plays with Garmin. So... yeah ignore this.
  11. Craig

    Flight Design insolvency

  12. Craig

    Custom Matco Axle Shims

    Nice looking shims! I predict such an improvement that your wheel aligning days will be over.
  13. Craig

    CT vs Cessna 172 article

    Right... so far everyone here except you found it interesting and legitimate.... troll much?
  14. Craig

    CT vs Cessna 172 article

    Did you read the article? They perfectly explained the context of the comparison (completely legitimate), and all their arguments and pro's and con's were relevant.
  15. When I've seen this in the past I think it mostly happened when changing altitude. I think there is lag between GPS altitude and TIS or ADS-B reported altitude that causes the ghost position. It would seem software should be able to correct this.