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  1. I am forming a partnership with my CTSW and I need some information. The partnership will have an engine rebuild/replacement fund as an hourly charge. Can anyone give me a ballpark figure of what this would cost including both labor and parts? I need to come up with a per/hr charge to fund this eventuality. I appreciate it.
  2. If your friend with the machine shop would like to make me one for a reasonable price I would buy one.
  3. The app I used isn’t compatible with iOS 11. I wouldn’t have upgraded if I would have known this. Just a heads up for anyone else that might use the app.
  4. Watched the video and ordered the kit from aircraft spruce. Thank you
  5. My tape on the leading edge of my propeller is a little rough and I would like to replace it. Searching google came up with 3m 8671 at $110 a 1" roll from sky geek. Is there an alternative?
  6. $16875. 1 share left. 1/4 share available in Sheridan IN. 828TT. Recent annual. 5 year Rotax rubber replacement complete. Nicely equipped.
  7. After many months of searching I have finally bought a 2007 CTSW. The plane is based at 5I4 Sheridan IN. I hope meet some of you in the future.
  8. 5I4 Sheridan Indiana one year lease $145 a month. FYI
  9. Thanks for the replies. Sounds like I could get almost anything. I called the airport today and left a message. Hopefully I will hear from someone soon.
  10. I am close to buying my first plane and wondered if it is standard to have a years lease when renting a hangar. Thanks
  11. Thanks Paul I need all the help I can get. I am a littler nervous but I guess that is normal. Jim to answer your question I have not found anybody interested so far. Nobody that I know is either interested in aviation or if they are, not in light sport planes. I have had a listing on AOPA's partnership website for about 2 years. I also have placed fliers at my local airportbut I think that me being a student pilot really hurt my chances of finding partners. I can't say that I can blame anybody for not wanting to buy an airplane with a student pilot. So I made the decision to get my license and then try to find partners. Hopefully it will pay off this time. I plan on updating my listing on AOPA's website, re-posting my ads at the local airports, and placing another ad on Craigslist when I get my ticket. I have also joined a local light sport plane club that may have potential partners too. I will attend my first meeting this month. I started with this forum first because everyone here is already familiar with the plane and obviously interested as well I know my situation is not perfect but all I can do is try. I wish AOPA or EAA would start an advertising campaign and inform the public about the sport pilots license. It has been around for almost a decade and nobody outside of aviation even knows that it exist.
  12. Hi all, My name is Greg Scott I will hopefully soon be newly minted sport pilot. My check ride is scheduled for 3-7 if the weather cooperates. I am currently flying an Evektor Sportstar out of Greenwood, IN and renting by the hour. I would like to partner with 2 or 3 other people and share a CT. I can't afford a brand new one but would like to buy a used one for $75-85K. I have attached a spreadsheet that I got from AOPA's website with all of the numbers. With 4 people it looks like it will cost around $200-250/mo each and about $40/flight hour wet. Of course if we each paid cash for our share the monthly costs would go down considerably. There are a lot of variables that effect these numbers but this would be an average cost if the plane was financed. If this sound like something you might be interested in, please let me know. Thanks, Greg Cost Calculator.xls
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