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Found 19 results

  1. Does anyone have a ctls close to Lexington, Ky? It looks like the best fit for me (6'5" , 250 lbs) but would like to actually sit in one. I will be in the market at some point. Thanks, Steve
  2. Hi everyone, Been lurking for awhile and recently decided that a CTLS would fit my needs almost perfectly (two people, VFR for fun, usually < 500 nm, want modern safety features). I'm of course posting looking for any interesting leads but I also have a few questions which maybe folks could help with: What sort of pre-buy do people normally do for a CTLS? Any recommendations on people or outfits to contact? Can anyone recommend a CFI around San Jose that has CTLS experience? I expect insurance will want a checkout + a few hours minimum. Almost all of my flight hours are in a Diamond Katana or a Citabria so I suspect it will be an easy transition. Are there any gotchas to look for? I see some models that have had a landing gear replaced but the consensus here seems to be that's not a big deal. Anything else I should be on the lookout for? I see some CTLS on the market with the D100 and some with the Skyview. People who have used both, is the Skyview worth a premium? Any owners can you post your empty weight and/or useful load? I think I'm fine here but I'd love to get an idea what real world numbers people have. For my search I'd probably like to stay under $100k so I think that rules out a CTLSi. There are a few 2009-2011 CTLS on Barnstormers right now that I will probably follow up on but if anyone has other possibilities I would love to hear about them. Thanks for the help!
  3. Will be spending the next week in San Jose on business. Have some spare time and would like to get some instruction in a CTLS with a CFI. is anybody on this board aware of a flight school in the Bay Area with a CTLS in their fleet. Thank you in advance.
  4. Hello, I am looking for CTLS, I live in Spain, so better if CT is in Europe. My email is salvavidal@gmail.com and my phone +34 678 672 714.
  5. Private Pilot searching for a CTLS. Cash purchase. Message here or email PilotguyPa28@yahoo.com Prefer private sale. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello Everyone. I am in the process of purchasing Darryl Swenson's CTLS And I was looking for someone in the Arizona or Washington area to fly it BACK with me so I can get some time in it as well. Please email me djtoddb@yahoo.com. Thanks.
  7. 2008 CTLS meticulously maintained. Rotax 912 100 hp 793 hours TT w/gearbox inspection at 600 hours. Dual Dynon 7" displays w/ Garmin 696 GPS slaved to a TruTrak Digiflight II Autopilot w/alt hold/vert. spd. Garmin SL-40 Comm and GTX-327 Mode C XPDR. Integrated Garmin GDL39 3D ADS-B Receiver. PS Engineering Intercom. This beautiful airplane comes with Tannis engine heater system and Bullyhawk Softitart Module installed. Rotax rubber replacement and chute repack accomplished. Annual will be accomplished in July 2016 or sooner if pending sale. $94,500. Contact Lee Barnhill 301-609-0660.
  8. We have paid our CTLSi in 2013, we have contract and still have no aircraft delivered two years after, and virtually we have no information or follow-up: the Flight Design management (Germany) is almost unreachable by phone or by email and when they finally reply it is to keep telling us the aircraft cell is soon delivered from Ukraine and they postpone the delivery date (twice by addendum to the contract). We fear a bankrupt due to the massive investments and the delay of the C4 certification. Any one with similar recent experience with the CTLSi assembled in Germany??? Many thanks for your comments and posts.
  9. Greetings, CT Fliers! Anyone know where I could rent a CTLS near St. Louis, MO? I currently fly "regular" GA planes (Archers, Arrows, etc.), but would like to get checked out in a CTLS. I'm looking towards retirement in a few years and I'm thinking that a CTLS would be a good choice for my wife & I to tour the country in our leisure time
  10. 195 downloads

    Detailed information about the CTLS aircraft
  11. lqlocal

    New Video N909KM

    Yesterday I had the honor of taking up Captain Steve Young. While I just acquired my CTLS in July 2013 and have flight time of just over 65 hours with my CT, Captain Steve has 28,000 with United Airlines. We mounted his Go Pro on the wing and took her up. Enjoy! Chris B
  12. Join us for our 4th Annual Fly-In from Tamiami Airport (Miami) to Puerto Rico. We'll be making two comfortable stops in Exuma, Bahamas and Provo, Turks & Caicos Islands before landing in Puerto Rico. Lots of events and activties programmed for the week in PR. During the week we will be visiting as a group the Dutch Isand of St. Eustatius (TNCE). For additional info: http://www.aopa.org/...uerto-Rico.aspx
  13. I have a gentleman who has cash for a slightly used CTLS and wants to spend no more than 130,000 including taxes. Call or email me with any leads you might have. Thanks! Ron Cassero 707 523-2800 rcassero@sonomajetcenter.com Also, if there are airplanes to shy away from, this is good to know too! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!
  14. GravityKnight

    Buzzing the GF2

    From the album: CT flying

    Flying over my GF's ranch
  15. GravityKnight

    Buzzing the GF

    From the album: CT flying

    Flying over my GF's ranch
  16. From the album: N764AC (Hawthorne CA, KHHR)

    Nice day out, just going for a joy ride... Turning base for landing on runway 22 at Catalina Island.
  17. From the album: N764AC (Hawthorne CA, KHHR)

    This is a 912ULS (not the fuel injected version). Does show the new high output lithium battery option.
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