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Found 14 results

  1. Hey all, After seeing GrassStripFlyBoy laser that awesome panel I thought Id give some fabrication a go. I did not want to pay $300 + dollars for our plastic door lock guides that seemed to warp and snap. Due to temp changes and constant pressure it snaps at the thinnest point right around the L shape turn. Im sure age contributed because they are off my 2004 CTSW. Is there anyone interested in a pair? I would love it to have some of my work in the community. I could leave the screw holes out and you can trial fit them and drill yourself or you can try the current design. I am using 8mm stock and they are the exact thickness/match to my originals. I was going to cut a white plastic cutting board for the actual part. It seems to be pretty stiff stuff and could hold up to any passenger forcing that door handle. Any other suggestions to materials?
  2. Anybody have any suggestions for a Tug or Tow Bar for the 2007 CTSW? Any manufacturers or modifications approve by FD? Getting older and thinking ahead on easier ways for getting the plane in and out of hangar.
  3. Hi all: Interested in purchasing a LSA with floats. I live in South Carolina on a large lake and want to build up time. Which is better and why? CTSW? Legend 600? Any others? Any advice is appreciated.
  4. Hi all: Interested in purchasing a LSA with floats. I live in South Carolina on a large lake and want to build up time. Which is better and why? CTSW? Legend 600? Any others? Any advice is appreciated.
  5. I have a complete serviceable set of gear, wheels, and brakes for a CTSW for sale. Call if interested 303-887-5711
  6. 2007 Flight Design CTSW Light Sport N254CT 200 hours, super clean, one owner, fresh condition inspection including 5 year hose replacement and chute repack, Ready to fly always hangared, no flat screens to learn, air speed altitude and VSI standard instruments, seats look new, SL40 radio Garmin, 496 GPS in panel Garmin, GTX 327 transponder, Safe & easy to fly, Instruction at this airport in this airplane, very fast low time, fun to fly, cheap to operate airplane • Located at Charles Schulz Airport KSTS Santa Rosa CA. Contact Ron Cassero 707 636-7062 Adding photos from another source shortly
  7. N521CT for sale, Dual Dynon glass panels, Garmin Sl radio, Garmin GTX 327 Transponder, PS engineering 3000A intercom, Digiflight II vs Basis 2 Axis auto Pilot, Garmin 696 xm radio. Large tundra tires, equipped for night flight. Also the only CTL in country with Handicapped hand controls. All current inspections done, Plane is approaching 2000 hrs hobbs, must less tach time. This is my fathers plane who has passed and is part of selling his estate. thanks Mike Sibley
  8. A group of us camp up towards the top of this pass every year. I have been wanting to fly down it for a while. Tried a few weeks ago, but hit some nasty turbulence right before reaching that set of mountains and figured it wasn't worth the risk. Came back yesterday morning and it was calm all the way there, over the mountains, and just a little bumpy down the valley. How lucky is that! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNhVYykEBdA&feature=youtu.be Youtube killed the quality as usual, but watch in 1080p for best results.. thanks
  9. From the album: ct4me album

    Leaving Bryce, heading back towards Page
  10. Can you tell? If you send me a picture of your aircraft, I can return with PNG picture of your aircraft! Picture shown is our vacation to Jenny Lake in 2009 & Picture of CTsw in 2013 combined. Our goal in a few years is to fly to Jenny lake in real life...
  11. Pretty rough conditions... pretty gusty and some real bad down drafts (couple times on final) that definitely got my attention! I started landing the last few without flaps and some extra speed. A better pilot than me could land in these conditions with flaps I'm sure, I probably "could".. but I only have 23 hours total flying time and I've found the wind to be less "grabby" when the flaps are up... Just thought I'd share my x-wind landing experiences from yesterday, made 8 landings, put a few in the video... Check ride coming up soon...Thanks for watching
  12. Just came out of a horrible pre-purchase inspection... Already planned for a trip to close the deal and owner / seller basically lied everything about the plane. Looking for an honest seller who has been taken care of the airplane... Prefers Dynon 100 & 120 installed...
  13. I met the owners of this airplane when I flew up to the Arlington Washington fly-in Airshow. The airplane is maintained by AirCore Aviation. The owner is a senior captain for Delta Airlines. His other airplane is a PC-12 Pilatus. I was invited to visit their house at the end of a grass strip at the base of Mount Rainier. The only thing that needs to be done is a BRS repack. The airplane has 1025 hours and they are asking 75,000. I know the guys at AirCore and they said it's a solid and well maintained airplane. N906LW s/n 06-07-09. It's always hangared. No damage history. PS Engineering 3000 Audio Garmin 496 GPS with Satellite Interface Garmin SL40 Garmin 327 Mode C Transponder Dynon EFIS 100 Dynon EMS 120 TruTrak FlightSystems DigiFlight AutoPilot I am listing this airplane here as a favor to Mark the owner. Contact me and I will pass his info on to you. No middleman. Great buy on a sweet airplane. Ron 707 291-8958
  14. I am thinking about changing the standard tires on my 2007 CTSW to Tundra Tires. I'm in the research stage. Does anyone know of any OEM Tundra Tire assemblies that would bolt right up to my current gear? I don't necessarily need the tires and tubes, just the parts of the wheel assembly that are unique to the larger tires. I am not thinking about changing out the nose gear. I don't contemplate needing wheel pants. Perhaps some of those with Tundra Tires who switched to Matcos might have the old parts for sale? TIA
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