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Found 8 results

  1. John Lancaster

    do I need to filter mogas?

    I would like to start using 91+ auto gas in my CTLSi, for all the obvious reasons. Mechanic at my field said it's no problem, even with ethanol, as long as it doesn't sit in the tanks too long. He then suggested that I filter the gas with chamois cloth before using it. I tried this yesterday--lined a funnel with chamois and poured from one jerrycan into another. The problem is it took forever--the gas flows at such a trickle that it would have taken me an hour, literally, just to fill a single five-gallon can. Obviously not a viable solution. My questions: 1. Is it really necessary to filter auto gas? 2. If so, is there a better way to do it? Thanks for any advice.
  2. Razorback Flyer

    Fuel usage

    My plane pulls more fuel from left wing tank than right wing tank. Yesterday on 2.4 hour flight both tanks full 6 gal from left tank. 1/2 gal from right tank. Any ideas?
  3. N751JM

    Fuel Pressure Alarm

    Has anyone with a "late model" CTLS experienced a low fuel pressure alarm (red engine alarm light, pressure dropping below 1.8, sweet voice announcing "fuel pressure") during a takeoff climb? I am able to get this consistently during a stop & go with a Vx climb in the go. The engine continues running fine, but the pressure drops to about 1.6. Fuel pump and fuel pressure sensor have both been replaced, but the alarm still occures under the conditions described. Can anyone duplicate this?
  4. John

    Unleaded Avgas (94UL)

    Hi all, There seems to be quite a bit of confusion about a new Avgas specification that is now available. Many Airports and FBO's are now selling Unleaded Avgas (94UL Avgas). This is a dream come true for anyone with a Rotax engine. All the benefits of Avgas without the lead containment. Avgas is not Mogas. Avgas is designed for aircraft, Mogas for cars. We have been using Mogas as a compromise in order to avoid the high lead content contained in 100LL Avgas. Avgas has a lower vapor pressure, a much better gum index and never contains ethanol. Avgas is designed for a long storage life in our vented fuel tanks, while Mogas is designed for a sealed automobile fuel tank. Also, 94UL does not contain the offending blue or yellow dye that many of us have staining our wings. Instead it is non-offending aromatic. An additional benefit for CT owners is that 94UL avgas will not turn the sight tubes yellow, or dark. It will not gum up carbs like Mogas will. And yes, you can still do 100hr oil changes with 94UL as it contains no lead. I would urge all of you to purchase and use 94UL Avgas as much as possible for your benefit, and to encourage availability. Unleaded Avgas can now be found at the following airports, with more being added all the time: https://swiftfuels.com/ul94-map/ On another note, one CT owner remarked that he is getting fuel leaks at his sump drain when using Avgas, this is because Avgas will not cause rubber seals to swell like Mogas will. If this happens to you, this is an indicator that a seal or gasket may need to be replaced. Happy Flying, John
  5. Since only 100LL is available at my field, I try when I can to self-fuel. A nearby Sonoco station is a good stop to fill up a bunch of No-Spill 5 gallon containers with 93 octane. I place a fuel mat on the wing and hoist the can up with me on a ladder to dispense the fuel through a No-Spill 6131 Gas Can Nozzle Assembly. The process is cumbersome because the nozzle requires depressing a little green vent button while balancing the fuel container. And, holding up the 5-gallon containers in a warm hangar is a sweat-producing exercise. Instead, I'm considering getting something like a TERAPUMP TRHD05 2D Battery Operated Transfer Pump from Amazon that should allow me to prop my gas can on the fuel mat on the wing or on my ladder (which is one of the stable Little Giant ladders) and easily pump away. Does anyone have a particularly good way to self-fuel? In particular, I'm looking for ideas where the starting point is schlepping fuel in containers from the gas station in the back of my SUV. Thank you in advance for the input!
  6. WmInce

    Tuff Jug Adapter?

    Does anybody know how much more fuel (gallons or liters) can be added to each tank, by using the rubber Tuff Jug adapter?
  7. DECZR

    Fuel pressure

    I got a problem with the fuel pressure. The pressure on Dynon is 0.35 bar in flight. When I reduced the rpm for landing the pressure increase on yellow or even red zone, at 0.42 bar. I changed the sensor and the pump but the problem remained. I suppose the problem is in other system. Could somebody help me?
  8. Hello Everyone! I'm both new to the forum and new to Flight Design aircraft. However, I have been flying light sport aircraft for awhile now. Recently, I have started renting a CTLS. Love the aircraft thus far. However, I am concerned about what seems to be an unbalanced fuel burn from the wing tanks. For example, a typical fuel load might be 10 gallons per side. However, after a few hours of flying, there might be only 4 or 5 gallons of fuel left in the right tank, but still 8-9 gallons in the left. Is this normal? Several pilots besides myself have reported this situation. That led the mechanic to clamp-off the right tank and fly around on only the left to ensure that the left tank was draining. My primary concern remains, given the differential fuel flow, whether the right tank will be drained dry on a long cross country even though the left tank has plenty of fuel in it. This concern has caused other pilots to put all the fuel they would need for a trip in the right tank, but that is not practical for weight and balance if you want to take two people on a flight over a good distance. Any comments or ideas would be appreciated! Thanks!