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Found 1 result

  1. CT2kflyer

    Leadville, CO.......

    Completed a trip today from Longmont, Colorado to Leadville, Colorado. The airfield in Leadville (KLXV) is at 9,934 ft. Density Altitude landing was at 10,600. Density altitude at take-off was 11,000 dead-on. Total trip was 3.5 hours and most of it was at high altitude. My homebase of Longmont (KLMO) is at 5,400. I fly a CT2k, 100 HP 912 ULS, and it handled the high DA without trouble, but then again I didn't do any extraordinary maneuvering and my wings have a 3 ft wider wing-span than all subsequent CT models. Also, my empty weight is 717. Today, two people, baggage, and 24 gallons of fuel probably put me near 1,275 pounds at take-off from Leadville. Earlier this year, I flew from Longmont to Puget Sound and back. Superb trip and great weather. The trip to Leadville was on my bucket list. Death Valley will be coming up within the next 12 months..... at least that's the plan.