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Found 1 result

  1. BMcCand - N248CT

    Marc brake fade

    Hello, I've started having brake fade where it takes many pumps (12 or so) of the handle to get any pressure. I have marc brakes, with a Matco master cylinder installed 2 years ago. I have about 1020 hrs on the plane. The fade would occur after taxiing on the grass home strip. I rebuilt the master cylinder, and bled the system. Tested Ok in the hanger. The pins are clean and disks are floating. Pad thickness is good. Still got loss of braking on taxi. I finally manually retracted the pistons into the caliper by pulling on each disk. I found that retracting the left piston caused the need for pumping. I think the wheel vibration while taxiing on grass is making the piston retract. Matco brakes are on order. I'm having the opposite problem of what others have reported about Matcos. Must be brake month.