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Found 2 results

  1. Portable GPS

    Was browsing the GPS conversations and noticed they go back to some time ago, reason why I am seekng advice on a portable GPS nowadays. I am considering installation of one of the following which seem to be quite close to each other in terms of price: -Garmin 795 -Garmin 695 -Avmap EKP V What would the CT community out there recommed? What is the major benefit of the 3D functionality of the 795? Will it replace an artificial horizon for instance? Seen pictures of the Avmap showing a moving map and other pictures showing artificial horizon, does the Avmap do both? And can it do them on the same screen or do you have to juggle between various functionalities? Any thoughts on reliability and ease of use? Many thanks in advance
  2. TCAS antenna for Aera 795

    dear CTFlier friends, im using aera 795 for now, and im looking for anti collision device/antenna who i could connect with my aera 795 ... anybody knows about this?! please advise ok.