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Jeremy MacGregor

JM Aero Service & Repair

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JM Aero Service & Repair


Location: KTCY / Northern California


Qualifications: A&P, Sport Pilot, Rotax iRMT- (Overhaul Rated) Mainteance Rated


Airport: 4000' Paved Runnway Field Elecation 200Ft MSL Uncontrolled Airspace


Contact Info: Jm_aeroservice@yahoo.com



Services: JM Aero Service was founded to not only help Rotax owners in there area with there normal maintenance issues but to also provide the necessary resources for the not so normal ones. We have many years of experience in dealing with the Rotax 912 Series engines and the CTSW & CTLS line of aircraft. Please give us a call if there is anything we may assist you with!


List of services:


General Maintenance

100hr/ Condition Inspections

Pre-buy inspections

5yr rubber replacement updates

Warranty fullfillment

Top end overhaul specialist (5yrs experience in Rotax overhaul facility)

Gearbox overhaul specialist (over 100 logged rebuilds)


Please call for a quote, guarranteed customer satisfaction with 90 warranty on all workmanship

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Jeremy has just completed the 600hr Gearbox inspection for me. Nice, fast work, despite my sending the box in

just before the Page weekend. He kept me apprised of the status, and even provided pictures of the internals

of the gearbox. Nicely done. I'll be re-mounting the part today.


I suggest you contact Jeremy for your heavy maintenance needs.

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