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Airplanes for sale!!

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Visit our website!!!!! We have more planes for sale!!!!! www.flyct.com


We have two pre-owned CTLS's. Beautiful planes that are priced to sell! Both planes are late 2008 models equipped with dual Dynons, Tru Trac autopilots, Garmin radios, and Garmin GPS 496 with mode s transponder and traffic display. With 850 and 1000 hours. Priced at $108k and $112.watermarked_f8490d3cca1684ba20f2cbce4b7109fb.jpg


We also have a 2007 Flight Design CTSW with Garmin 496 and SL 40 comm. Tru trac auto pilot and Dynon panels.Black leather seats and night light pkg. 125 hours. New rubber and parachute repack, fresh annual. Priced to sell at $77,000.




We also ave a 2006 Flight Design CTSW. N621CT. Offers steam guages w/ EL lighting. Garmin 696 mounted in center panel. TruTrak ADI Pilot II 2-axis autopilot. SL40 Comm. G327 XPDR. Stereo intercom. Night flight pkg. Leather seats. Approx 330 hrs. 720lb. empty/ 600lb. useful load. 3 year Rotax parts replacement annual performed. No damage history. Well taken care of airplane. Quick and economical.


Completely loaded 2006 CTSW. N62JN. Dual Dynon panels d-100and d-120. Garmin 396 mounted in center panel. TruTrak digiflight IIVS 2-axis Autopilot. Garmin 430W nav/com. King Transponder. Stereo intercom. Nigt light pkg. Leather seats. Approx 425 hours. Has had all maintenance including. repacked parachute. Five year Rotax parts replacement annual performed. Tow hook, and NO DAMAGE HISTORY!!!! Beautiful, excellent flying CT. You will not be disappointed. Make an offer!!


Beauttiful 2007 CTSW. N289CT Loaded with Garmin 396 and SL 40 com. Tru Trac 2-axis autopilot. Advanced Dynon 100-120 EFIS/ EMS with dual screens, and night light pkg. Leather seats and only 270 hours.Brs parachute.5 year rubber replacement, and parachute repack, and fresh annual. Beautiful looking an fying plane.$85,000




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