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Sonoma Flight Center

2006 CTSW for sale

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I met the owners of this airplane when I flew up to the Arlington Washington fly-in Airshow. The airplane is maintained by AirCore Aviation. The owner is a senior captain for Delta Airlines. His other airplane is a PC-12 Pilatus. I was invited to visit their house at the end of a grass strip at the base of Mount Rainier. The only thing that needs to be done is a BRS repack. The airplane has 1025 hours and they are asking 75,000.

I know the guys at AirCore and they said it's a solid and well maintained airplane.

N906LW s/n 06-07-09. It's always hangared. No damage history. PS Engineering 3000 Audio

Garmin 496 GPS with Satellite Interface Garmin SL40

Garmin 327 Mode C Transponder Dynon EFIS 100

Dynon EMS 120

TruTrak FlightSystems DigiFlight AutoPilot

I am listing this airplane here as a favor to Mark the owner. Contact me and I will pass his info on to you. No middleman. Great buy on a sweet airplane. Ron 707 291-8958








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Nice little airpark... CTSW, or Pilatus... Intersting choice to make when you wake up in the morning and want to go fly!

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