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I attended this course several years ago. I found the instructors to be very informed, professional and dedicated to their students. We were given ample opportunity to discuss issues with them and I found them open to updating their information if something new was available. At no point did I feel they were giving an absolute "This is the way it is and will never change" position. What I got is that it is your responsibility to learn what is needed to both be safe and legal. They provided sources we would need to go to find the information to make the best decision to meet those ends. As you read through this site you will find many instances where there are different interpretations of "the right way" to do things. It is up to us as repairmen, owners, and pilots to ask questions and learn what is needed. As Keith says in the posting above "We are free to disagree and doing so in a polite and cordial manner will make for a more pleasant exchange of ideas and opinions." 

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