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Cold Weather Checklist

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Good article from Flying on a few things to double check when plane is subject to big cold.


1. ice in fuel looks like dust

2. CO sensor is working correctly as heater will get used more (also make sure the heater is not leaking exhaust gas)

3. don't trust the weather forecast, especially for ice

4. cold batteries must be charged to full to be reliable

5. cold, thick oil wont lube right away, and the engine needs to be warmed longer before taxi

6. fuel selector knob can freeze, so it needs to be checked for movement

7. gyros are affected by cold



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It's not a CO2 (carbon dioxide) monitor that has to work correctly.  Rather, it's a CO (carbon monoxide) monitor that keeps pilots from dying when the exhaust has a leak.   

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Also, I think  the "gyros" on your plane are actually solid state electronic devices. They are not affected by cold.

Mike Koerner


I gave the list for others...my plane is hangared. 

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