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Low Cost ADS/B solutions

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Here is a pic of the Echo Esx control panel.  I should have one next week and can provide more info.  I will start installation in my CTLS soon and keep you all posted.

Please contact me if you would like to order any of these products.




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I'm very interested in the uAvionix setup.  I'd probably keep my Garmin transponder and go for the "echoUAT+SkyFYX-EXT bundle".  I just sent Shane at uAvionix a pretty lengthy email with some questions, when I get responses I'll post them here.  

Eric, if I end up ordering this setup and the pricing is the same, I'll get it through you to throw a few bucks back into the CT community.   :)

If I go this route I will try to get it installed before Page so I'll have it for the trip.

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Here are the questions and answers with Shane from uAvionix.  I didn't see anything in his answers I didn't like or found concerning:


1)  I read in the data sheet for the GPS portion of your solution, that it has a SIL = 3.  My understanding is that a SIL of 0 is required for 2020 ADS-B out compliance.  Am I missing something on that?  If so, does your product have an FAA letter of compliance or some other documentation that it does in fact comply with a the 2020 rules (for experimental aircraft, not certified aircraft)?  After the Navworx fiasco I'm a little scared of buying a product only to have the FAA say I can't use it due to compliance.
A: Actually in 14 CFR 91.227, the FAA says that a SIL=3 and SDA=2 is required for use beyond 2020.  A SIL and SDA of greater than 0 is required to be a participant of the ADS-B system, but 0, 1, etc is only good until 2020.  There are a bit confusing on these as they term it as “greater than 0”.  
Reference section 2 (iii) and (iv)
2) If I'm reading correctly, your UAT wirelessly reads your transponder squawk code from the transponder and sets its squawk to match.  I'm guessing it does that by listening on 1090MHz and taking the transponder signal output from the transponder antenna, since it will be by far the strongest signal on that frequency, is that correct?
A:  Correct the Echo wirelessly monitor the existing transponder using an internal reply monitor circuitry.  We actually have a Transponder Threshold that is fine tunable to compensate for older MOPS or more unique installs. 
3) Related to (2) above...what would happen if you were in close proximity to an aircraft with much stronger radiated power from its transponder antenna, say an airliner...could that confuse the UAT and cause it to squawk the airliner's code instead of your own?  I realize that would be a freak occurrence, I'm just trying to understand how all this works.
A: It is very unlikely and possibly to pick up another higher power transmission, but EchoUAT is tuned to optimally detect transponders within about 25 feet.  You’d have to be very, very close resulting in a runway incursion.  Additionally, this can be mitigated if notice by using the Transponder Threshold mentioned above. 
4) Is there some initial setup of the UAT/GPS required through an app over the UAT's wireless network?
A: Yes, the Echo Installer app for Apple or Android is used to configure the device to your N-number, ICAO, and install configurations.  It’s a free app and it’s very simple and straightforward to use.  
5) I use Garmin Pilot, but I'm guessing that there is no hope of ever supporting that app directly because of the proprietary data encoding Garmin uses, correct?  I guess I could use a GDL 39 to get the IN data to my iPad since I'd always be within my own ADS-B traffic "hockey puck", but then that is extra wires and an expensive device.  I'd be more likely to just switch to iFly or WingX. 
A: Correct, unless Garmin opens up their integration to other ADS-B devices, it will not work.  We’ve reached out to them and are on hold.  We do work with all other App like iFly, WingX, FlyQ, iFlight Planner and even FltPlan Go (Free).  You could use GDL39 for the In portion if Pilot is required.  
6)  Will the UAT and GPS antennae require a ground plane plate when used on composite structures?  I know my COM antenna has such a plate, but not sure on my transponder blade antenna.
A: Yes, if you are installing on a composite or Fabric
7) A friend wanted me to ask if you can use the existing transponder antenna for the UAT or if it needs it's own.  I'm guessing even if you used a cable T or splitter, you'd need a separate antenna to avoid the two signals transmitting simultaneously and stepping on each other.  Is that the case?
A: You will need 2 antennas.  One for Transponder and one for the UAT.  They are separate and need to be at least 3 feet away.  We also include the UAT antenna with the EchoUAT, so you will not need to purchase the antenna. 

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1 hour ago, CT4ME said:

Now, same product sold by Foreflight, under the name "Scout"

Gee . . . and it's not even ugly!

What were they think'n?

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