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I Did Not Know This!

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Per FAA standards a 15-knot (28 km/h; 17 mph) wind will fully extend the windsock. A 3-knot (5.6 km/h; 3.5 mph) breeze will cause the windsock to orient itself according to the wind direction.


The windsock will be 3-5kt wind at 1/3 extended....10-12kts at half extended...15kts at full extension.


Canada is slightly different.  For CT pilots, if the windsock is fully extended and at 90 to the runway you are at or over your cross-wind limits for the plane.

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The windsock at my field must not be to FAA standard.  Until recently it was usually full of water and thus didn't inflate or move.   :rolleyes:


Luckily, the Blackhawk Guard detachment on-field has a huge tall flagpole that is better than any windsock.

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