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NC Bill

Reporting ADS-B Errors

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Copied the following from a SPORTY'S email thinking others might find it useful. I recall others had reported ghosting on their ADS-B Out equipment.


"But what if you suspect a problem with the FAA’s network of ADS-B ground stations? We experienced this on a flight in an ADS-B Out equipped airplane last year. We saw a ghost target (that is, an airplane 100 feet below us, traveling at our same speed and altitude) for over 100 miles. While ghosting can occasionally happen if you aren’t ADS-B Out equipped, it should not happen if you are and it should not happen for more than 100 miles.

In this case, we suspected something was wrong so we contacted the FAA. They replied within a day, explaining that they found a bug that caused a ground station to send incorrect and/or duplicate traffic information. The problem was quickly fixed. To make your own report, visit the FAA’s ADS-B website and click on the Email us link under “ADS-B/TIS-B/FIS-B Problem Report.” The more detail you have, the easier it is for them to diagnose a potential problem."


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