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"In my view, the 'acceptable line' is crossed as soon as one person in a debate takes a personal swipe at the other.  Often these are innocuous little comments, but they are always personal in nature and they always succeed in changing the debate into a personal fight.  '


Absolutely. Thank You IrishAl.

Admin ask for solutions, but a few here have already crossed the line and want to play the blame game and the line got crossed yet again and right up to, but  just short of posting a name. So from what others have said I should already be sending out clean up you act PM's.



"From this user's perspective, there is one primary culprit. Which makes the solution patently obvious."


To me this is exactly the type of post that need to stop. This doesn't give any solution to the bigger problem, this is just point fingers. This is one of the problems and needs to stop.


If you start sentences with he, you, him you may be on the wrong path. 



​Even when ask for a wide spread solution some here can not keep from finger pointing or complaining about individuals.  This is what this whole thread is about. Some seem to get it while others are still on the attack.




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I just "unfollowed this topic".


It reminds me of a soap opera that never ends.


Make a decision for heaven's sake. It ain't that hard.


I'm 73 next week. I ain't got that much time.

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To me this is exactly the type of post that need to stop. This doesn't give any solution to the bigger problem, this is just point fingers.

Bear in mind, I have not pointed any fingers at anyone in this thread.


Members are free to guess who I might be referring to. I was just suggesting I felt it was a single person causing most of the dissention.


But why start a thread, supposedly seeking feedback, if said feedback is apparently going to be ignored out of hand?

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I used to frequent this site multiple times a day, now a couple times a month.  In large part because of one person (well two now, seeing as how the admin is as much the problem as the troll).  There is consensus, grow a pair, end the kumbaya balogna, and deal with the troll.  I'm befuddled that people (FastEddieB, MrMorden, et al) who make serious thoughtful constructive posts (that frequently correct the at times dangerous assertions of the troll) that are the heart of a useful user driven forum are being more heavily scrutinized than the problem person (100Hamburger).  It's a shame we can't down-vote posts so that they are hidden.

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I have written, redacted, and deleted a number of posts today trying to assess my feelings about what has transpired here. It is obvious that you he admin is not sincerely looking for input, just input that confirms what they have been preaching for years and ignoring the actual problem. It seems now that the admin wishes to continue its failed policies in spite of the loss of excellent members, the sidelining of others and the anger of others for not taking care of the problem.

Nearly everyone sees the problem as one individual (100Hamburger - unless he has changed his name again). Admin does nothing except provide a place for him to revel in the disruption. If you don't know this history you have not been paying attention.

You want to play some Pollyanna game of "can't we all just get along" but that has failed time and time again over the course of years.

This thread is a joke. You wait to see one post that agrees with your predetermined position to comment.

I am frustrated that you have allowed the degradation of the forum for the sake of one person, that you have protected him like he is a child to be coddled, and that you have castigated anyone who disagrees with his personal, and often wrong opinions by forcing us to refer to him indirectly or be sent notice that we are the ones at fault.

Two people's opinions count here the admin and 100 Hamburgers. The rest of us need to control ourselves, and our opinions are meaningless.

It is frustrating, disgusting, and a sham. It is also sad because this forum is in invaluable resource to the CT, Rotax and light sport communities but is slowly being degraded by the actions of an admin that is either overly (and unrealistically) optimistic, or spineless. I cannot tell which, but the result is the same. I expect no changes despite your claim to be looking for solutions.

The one change will likely be fewer participants including myself. Yes, 100Hamburgers that means the admin let you win.

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Today starts a new day.


The people have spoken. We tried to give everyone lots of leeway in their post content, but that seems to have failed with what other forum members have deemed the problem.

Seems like forum members voiced their opinion openly and by PM. We are going to take a harder stand and if you think you are skirting the boundaries with a personal attack even though you didn't actually post a name it will be the same.

We WILL keep our forum to LSA  unless there is something important that does benefit the group. Any person with any LSA or aircraft is welcome here, but talk will be kept along the LSA lines. That means threads like the Cirrus debates are not acceptable. No more politics. Post like Andy's car are okay as we are friends and sharing some of our joys and little victories in life is fine. The but here is don't make a career of it and make all your post about cars. I just used this as an example. Since members seem to be somewhat conflicted about good and bad post the admins will just have to try and read the member mood on a thread. This may seem unfair, but we don't see any black & White answers. Members know the difference between right & wrong and what's acceptable so I see no reason to not expect that from them. We're adults not kids that may have blurred lines of acceptability.


Our advice to the 3-5 posters that are constant offenders or think they are being sneaky by trying to skirt the boundaries and not be called on the carpet, those days are gone. You are part of the problem and not part of the solution. This type of behavior just adds to the fire even though it isn't literally spelled out.

Leave off the non LSA incidents. Since some here have already received PM's in the past for attacks I see no reason to send them anymore. They will be gone next time. 



We are going to strive to make this a happier place to come where anyone can post and be safe from attacks or slanderous comments. No one should be forced off the forum due to this type of behavior and no one should be afraid to post. If it takes getting rid of the 3-5 people that fan these flames then so be it for the health and welfare of our members.



It should never have gone this far, but seems like a few couldn't get a handle on their anger or engage the mental clutch before it drove them into oncoming traffic.




We as admins share a belief that we hate to lose anyone, but seems members are at a breaking point and if we have to suffer the loss of a few to protect the entire community then I guess it will have to happen.


It's a shame some have brought us to this juncture.





The Admins

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