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Quick Forum Tips

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Learn, Share, and Have Fun!

* You'll need to create an account (register) to take full advantage of the forum (it's free and quick)

* If you aren't logged-in, some features will not be available

* Use the SEARCH feature before posting a question... the topic may have been covered already

* The "view new content" link (just below the search box) is very useful

.........it works even better if you change your profile settings

.........so that it only displays new items since your last visit

.........bottom of the settings page - change to "show me content that I have not read"

* The "today's active content" link (at the bottom of the forum page, in the top of the statistics area) is nice

.........Try it by clicking here it shows postings for the last day

* The Help feature, in the upper-right corner, is very "helpful"

* Access your personal settings, and messaging, just to the right of your name (upper-right corner)

* You can start a new topic, or reply to existing posts

* Reply using the "fast reply" below each post (if you hit the reply button it quotes the previous post)

* Try to create topics in the appropriate area

* Post links to videos and pictures, so we can conserve space

* A special version of the forum will display if you use a smartphone, formatted for the smaller screen.


* Be Nice! If you're feeling a bit grumpy, come back later.

* No foul language or personal attacks.

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Forum tip:


When you change or move to another thread on the forum click on the word forum at the top left or the top picture. This will fully refresh the screen and you will see any new post from a member while you have been surfing the forum. If someone sees you on the forum they may want to send you an instant message. By clicking on the word forum or the picture on the top you refresh the screen and will receive the message.

If you just click on each forum thread and never refresh the screen you may miss new post and messages.

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Mr. Social Director,


I just made a post and noted that the following additional info was shown below my "post" numbers: "0 warning points". What does this mean? I didn't see this below anyone elses' post info? Am I on probation? Am I on "double secret probation"?


I been good! Really.

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Hi Docron,


Usually warnings mean you have done something that's way out of line with proper forum edicit. If you have zero that's a good thing. There is no one on this forum that has anything like that. We're just too darn nice here!

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It's good that that's a good thing. I just don't see even a zero warning on anyone elses name, so far. It's like I did something wrong but not bad enough to be censored. (I'm innocent I tell you!)

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