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2008 CTLS vs 2008 Tecnam2008

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I don't own either ,but have owned both CTSW and CTLS in the past. I have flown both. The CT is faster with the same engine, and to me more comfortable. The Tecnam is easier to fly, especially if transitioning from traditional GA aircraft.

I should mention that I have a  Tecnam P2008 here on the field that is for sale. I will be helping the owner with the sale. It is very, very well equipped. Fell free to PM me for details.

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I own a 2011 CTLS and have over 2200 hours in various CTs. I also own a 2017 Tecnam P2008 with 914 turbo. The Tecnam was $40,000 more new than my well equipped CTLS new, largely because of the 914 engine. The Tecnam has less than 1/2 the decibels in cruise flight as the CTLS, but with Bose A20s it’s not a deal maker or breaker. For anyone transitioning from anything but light sport, the Tecnam lands exactly as a 172, and couldn’t be an easier unless it auto landed. When hand flying the AC, the Tecnam is has very harmonized controls and flys like a plane should. When you climb out of it, and into the CTLS, you really notice how unharmonized the CTLS is, skidding around corners etc, and no amount of rudder makes the CT feel like an AC should fly. The CTLS has a much better view out the windshield and the side windows both. If you live up north where it gets cold, and you use your airplane all year round, the Tecnam will throw heat like a car even while idling  on the ground, because it has a heater core and a fan, like a car. The Tecnam is a tiny bit harder to get in, and I like the seats better in the CTLS, but man is it nice throwing suitcases and whatever you have with u behind the seats and able to access it all during long flights. 
The  CTLS will get in and out On about 200 feet less runway than the Tecnam, simply because it starts flying at a lower speed, and stalls at a lower speed. That said, I land both of them on a 1000 ft. grass strip with ease. My Tecnam has Garmin G3X and Garmin auto pilot, and the Garmin auto pilot has nothing over the tru track. So the bottom line, the Tecnam has a much more refined interior, and is quieter, and hand flys much nicer, but you have to pay for those refinements. 

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