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CAMBRAI Aircraft Covers

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I bought my CTSW new in 2006 together with a full set of outdoor covers for it costing £1,700.  These covers made by Cambrai Covers in the UK have been excellent over the years at keeping off the UV and elements.  Some of my plane's life has been spent in hangars but a lot has been spent outdoors in very hot, sunny places like Lagos, Portugal and Tallard in France where I was an instructor.




Earlier this year, I decided to send the covers back to Cambrai for their full refurbishment service which includes a thorough wash, re-water-proofing, fitting new straps and buckles, carrying out any necessary repairs to stitching and re-embroidering of my aircraft's registration.  Full details are on their website.  I have to say that the covers had got very dirty, stained and green (due to parking my 'plane under some tall Leylandi trees) over the years and the water-proofing had practically disappeared.  It's a shame I have no 'before' pictures because they truly were awful but I have some 'after' pictures - see below.  I was in a hurry when fitting them so there are a couple of wrinkles but they do fit as snug as a hand in a glove when I'm being a bit more fastidious!


When I got the covers back, I honestly thought they'd given me a brand new set!  They were amazing.  All the staining and green had totally gone; there wasn't a mark on them.  They were 'stiff' again with the re-proofing agent used and all the straps and buckles had been replaced.  Cambrai even supplied a new bag for me to keep them in.  I negotiated with them on the price but considering a full set is now £2,700, I paid less than a fifth of that for my refurbished covers.


All in all, a fantastic after-service from an excellent firm making a top quality product.  Thank you Cambrai!!






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Yes, I know that sounds expensive but that price is for a complete full set and it's their outdoor covers. They do cheaper covers for inside hangars, etc. The price also includes VAT (our purchase tax).


And over this side of the pond, were always jealous of the much lower price you usually pay for things!! ????

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