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UAvionix install

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I'm curious about the ESX also.  I was planning on the EchoUAT/SkyFYX combo, but I at least have to look at this new option, it might make for a better installation.

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 I like the idea of reducing the number of 'boxes' -- the ESX allows me to remove my ADSB-in, ADSB-out and, of course, out the transponder.  I would need to exchange my Garmin 795 with an iFly 740b.  Should be a wash cost wise on this swap ($950 on the open market for the 750 to offset the cost of the 740b+install).  I do have some concern on long-term viability of uAvionix versus Garmin.  Something to throw into the decision matrix.  Conservative choice would be to just put in a GDL-82 and keep everything else the same.

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