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Battery charger

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I have a Battery Minder model 2012 (Not the AGM 2012-AGM).  The company web site notes that it is not for use in Light Sport Airplanes.   Are they just trying to get me to buy another charger?  there was no mention of this precaution when i first purchased the 2012 model.  It doesn't seem to charge very well and occasionally I get a light showing dead cell.  But the battery is new.   When the plane has been down for a few weeks the voltage in the Dynon reads only 11.00 to 11.3.  After flying it reads about 11.8.

Second Question.   I have a cheap BATTERY TENDER  I PAID $50  for.  Would that hurt the odyssey 310? It seems to charge much better.

Thanks for any help.

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