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Roger Lee

Rotax fuel pump screen and one way valving

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Rotax fuel pump screen and one way valving.

Here is the reason that debris from upstream of the fuel filter can't make it to the carbs. Here is a picture of the internal screen found in all models of Rotax fuel pumps and you can also see the valve that lets fuel move through the intake and output chambers.

Since some authorities don't seem to understand where debris can come from and how it gets there at least you can tell them where the carb debris came from. It has to come from the pump pressure side hose and beyond. A couple pieces of hose or dirt from the upstream side of the pump won't cause run issues because the screen is large enough not to be effected unless you have a total hose and or dirt disaster. On the CT down on the firewall there is the gascolator filtration to so any debris that gets to the fuel pump had to come from that 3' hose from the gascolator to the pump. If the gascolator had a ton of debris then that had to come from the approximate 14" of hose from the instrument panel fuel filler down to the gascolator.  If the instrument panel filter gets a lot of debris then that comes from the tanks or the small pieces of rubber hose from there.

The picture labeled #7 with the instrument panel filter debris is the worst I have seen since 2006.

Rotax fuel pump & screen.JPG

Rotax fuel pump 1 way valve.JPG

Rotax fuel pump internal screen.JPG

Phone 007.jpg

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