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11th Annual CT/LSA Fly-in, Page AZ Oct 17-21

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Flew to Monument Valley today with Mike and Darryl and Carol. First picture is Lake Powell on the way, second is Darryl and Carol landing at Monument Valley then a picture of them and then a couple pictures of the iconic valley. Last three pictures of Lake Powell on the way back.

Weather very nice here now.  Cooler than normal but easy flying.

Ron and Jan did Marble Canyon and Lee flew the lake. Will know more at dinner tonight.IMG_3856.thumb.jpg.6aea25df1400240d8a755c4cb96a48f5.jpgIMG_3863.thumb.jpg.4f67759831f7ee9dac7ce30320c67431.jpgIMG_3872.thumb.jpg.7e0040555fd2408577e91e8ff773e337.jpgIMG_3873.thumb.jpg.78c9c041b676f94d9fdec1eeca660f1c.jpgIMG_3874.thumb.jpg.315985730a10b6965274bee1c1f49980.jpgIMG_3877.thumb.jpg.795813e9dfa7369adf181ee697822b50.jpgIMG_3878.thumb.jpg.a5a9791f736c2257c57192e9e85cfdeb.jpgIMG_3881.thumb.jpg.d88e57a838ddf268ceded9e2f9a747be.jpg

Arches National Park and Canyon Lands tomorrow.

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Friday report. Finally the perfect weather we have all experienced in the past. Sunny and smooth flights all day.  We all flew to Canyon lands Airport by Moab, Utah and took a break, then on to Carbon County airport at Price, Utah and had a fantastic lunch at the Main Street Cafe.  Then back to Page.  Will post some pictures.  The scenery was fantastic over Canyonlands and all along the way.  Flying airplane is Darryl's Diamond 40.  Ground Picture is Ron and Jan and Mike at Carbon County. Water pictures are of Lake Powell.IMG_3901.thumb.jpg.f6b894103340e7f796fb39dbce4acc39.jpgIMG_3856.thumb.jpg.53323ff198cccc98b4697a9ab2126dc0.jpgIMG_3883.thumb.jpg.4dcf7b421c1300c2887098f245ec750a.jpgIMG_3886.thumb.jpg.46afb81a4acb6997e4e57b61e8fc27cb.jpgIMG_3888.thumb.jpg.73ce5d33e4d130525dbbb2dc7bac218e.jpgIMG_3891.thumb.jpg.7ea3f72325379b03e45173b454e9ced1.jpgIMG_3893.thumb.jpg.36febf88031e59afdceca93b57849665.jpgIMG_3894.thumb.jpg.b01d2b11a95e6d2e35c5b8107a2e90bb.jpgIMG_3900.thumb.jpg.b8884f3d150181767d6dc58a10051e29.jpgIMG_3909.thumb.jpg.002c271797b36cfaa8047e74a34b9320.jpg

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Many thanks to those of you I met at Page during the unofficial fly in. Good information about the airplane and wonderful camaraderie. Already looking forward to next time.

BTW here is a basic log of bringing the airplane home from North Idaho where I purchased it just 2 weeks ago. 

Bonners Ferry ID to Spokane WA 1 hour CAVU

Spokane WA to Bryce Canyon 7 hours with a fuel stop CAVU at 11500

Bryce Canyon to Page CAVU

Page to Santa Fe NM CAVU

and Santa Fe NM to Rogers AR NONSTOP 5+ hours 620 NM  11500 CAVU ALL THE WAY!

I think someone was looking out for me.

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Glad you had a smooth trip home Mike and hope to see you next year at Page. 

Page is over for another year and for those that were able to make it, we had a great time and managed to add new destinations and experience a whole new look to the Southwest.

I flew with Mike the last day on a quick tour of the Dam and Horseshoe Bend.  You will not find more beautiful scenery on a 10 minute flight anywhere.





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