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Ed Cesnalis

Whitney Russel Col, scares me every time

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Steve Fosset's Minaret Lake is now a common destination for me.  I got familiar a little at a time and recently did a shoot there at 35kts.

Whitney Russel Col pictured in the panorama below is a different story.  I have been all thru this area a number of times now but I have never tansitioned the Col down below the summits of Whitney and Russell.

Maybe next trip?

Whitney Russell Col.jpg

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35 knots?  Wow... I’m sure you are well experienced in your aircraft.  The thought of 35 knots over mountainous terrain just gives me the Heebie-Jeebies!

Gorgeous photo!  In terms of flying the Col... I’m the wrong person to ask since I tend to be risk adverse in any craft that moves in 3 directions. 

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