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USB Charging - Without Any Interference!

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If you're like me, you've probably tried numerous USB 'cigarette lighter' chargers trying to find one that doesn't interfere with your radio or that doesn't send white noise to your headsets when you try to re-charge your iPad, phone or other such device.

I think after trying about 7 different USB chargers - including ones that had an Apple MFI certified endorsement - I was about to give up the ghost ...................until, I found one that works absolutely brilliantly!!!  In fairness, I think I read about it on one of the other American flying forums and decided to try it out.  It is completely silent in use, and has dual high-power (2.4 amp) outputs.  It is certified by RoHS, CE, FCC (whatever that means!) and has a 1 year warranty.

The only problem if you live in the UK (like me) is that you have to send off to the USA for it because I couldn't find any on this side of the pond.  The device is actually quite cheap‌‌ ($10.49 - reduced from $29.99) but after shipping charges, I paid about $35.00 (about £25.00).  However, all I can say is that if silence is golden to you whilst charging your USB devices, then this beauty is worth every cent.

It is made by SKIVA and here‌‌ is the link to the relevant webpage:

‌Skiva PowerFlow Duo C-3 (4.8 Amps / 24 Watt / Fastest) Car Charger with Two Universal USB Charging Ports (AC116)‌

I  ordered one and paid by PayPal and it was delivered within a week‌‌.  I wired a 12-volt cigarette lighter socket into the panel of my CTSW and then inserted the SKIVA charger.  With a bit of engineering, I recessed the 12V socket so that the SKIVA charger lies flush with the face of my (RH) panel.  It looks very neat but more importantly, it works totally silently when charging my iPad running SD and charging my iPhone.

PS: I do not work for SKIVA!!!‌



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I don't think mine is very loud, but now you have me curious.  I will unplug it next flight and see for sure how much interference it's pumping out.

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